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IBM Fellow 2022 Rosalind Radcliffe

Rosalind is the recognized industry leader in bringing DevOps to z/OS at IBM’s largest clients. Her visionary leadership and technical innovation brought common development practices and…

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IBM Fellow 2022 Marcel Mitran

“I built my career by pushing the boundaries and challenging de facto standards,” said Marcel. “Early in my career I had responsibility for Java on zSystems, when many believed…

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IBM Fellow 2022 A B Vijay Kumar

A B is a widely recognized thought leader in hybrid cloud platform solutions for IBM clients, helping lead the way for their digital transformation journey. With expertise in platform engineering,…

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IBM Fellow 2022 Christian Jacobi

Christian Jacobi is a leading innovator in IBM zSystems hardware development, and has led the definition of the architecture, new functions and accelerators for several generations of IBM zSystems…

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IBM Fellow 2022 Jerry Chow

Jerry Chow is a world-renowned experimental physicist who has led IBM’s quantum computing hardware toward cloud deployment. His work on 2-qubit gates and large-system calibration, stability…

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IBM Fellow 2022 Vita Bortnikov

Vita Bortnikov is a world-class expert in distributed systems — a critical discipline in computer science with applications to cloud computing and beyond. Her passion lies in combining theory…

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EMEA – Audiogram - Andrew Diaper – Think 2021

Audiogram with Andrew Diaper to drive registrations for Think 2021 EMEA timeframe event.

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