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Benefits of hybrid cloud and AI

IBM and Oxford Economics conducted a study asking IT leaders about the importance of cloud architecture and AI in enabling their businesses to adapt and thrive. One high level trend was…

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Lower workload costs with zIIPs by Rick Schoonmaker and the IBM IT Economics team

Lower workload costs with zIIPs by Rick Schoonmaker and the IBM IT Economics team Please join our News Blog so you can receive the latest findings and events from our team:…

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John Ryan - IT Complexity

IBM IT Economics Consultant, John Ryan, talks about how one university was able to overcome IT complexity by using open source computing and Linux

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Valeria Tavares - On-Premise or Cloud

IBM IT Economics Consultant, Valeria Tavares, discusses how an SAP customer moving to SAP HANA chose Power Systems over a cloud implementation

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Susan Proietti Conti - Disaster Recovery Center Costs

Susan Proietti Conti, IBM Executive Project Manager for IT Economics, shares how a retailer leveraged newer POWER technology to reduce disaster recovery center costs

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Suresh Pathak - Rising IT Costs

Suresh Pathak, IBM Executive IT Economics Consultant for Asia Pacific, describes how a large bank implemented LinuxONE to address rising IT costs resulting from rapid company growth

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Srirama Krishnakumar - IT Modernization

IBM IT Management Consultant, Srirama Krishnakumar, shares how one enterprise modernized its IT by using z/OS technologies for its COBOL, PL1 and Assembly programs to create new functionality…

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Roger Rogers - Technology Adoption Cost Barrier

Roger Rogers, IBM IT Economics Consultant, shares how IT chargeback models can overcome technology adoption barriers yet still recover investment costs for IT organizations

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John Gustavson - Open Source Software Requirements

John Gustavson, IBM WW Chief Technology Officer for IT Economics, examines the challenge of sizing server and storage requirements accurately when using open source workloads on different…

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Gustavo Tejeda - SLA downtime penalty

IBM IT Economics Consultant, Gustavo Tejeda, describes how clients can avoid SLA downtime penalties by consolidating workloads onto LinuxONE

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Christian Miemiec - Acquisition Infrastructures

IBM Executive IT Economics Consultant, Christian Miemiec, examines how to converge diverse IT infrastructures resulting from an acquisition and how to minimize IT costs.

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Alfredo Micarelli - Carbon Footprint Requirements

IBM Executive IT Economics Consultant for Europe and Middle East, Alfredo Micarelli, shares how customers assess the impact of using different technologies to reduce their carbon footprint

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