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Corporate Risk and Fraud Detection - How to Protect Payments from Fraud

How to protect payments from fraud, featuring fireside chat with Bank of New Zealand. To learn more, visit IBM Safer Payments

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IBM Volunteer Excellence Award—IBM Vietnam

IBM volunteer Le Nhan Tam led a multi-national team, in collaboration with the School of Information Communication and Technology, to develop an intensive ecosystem to train students in AI and…

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IBM Volunteer Excellence Award—IBM India (healthcare)

A volunteer team of IBM research scientists created a framework using AI and machine learning to help organizations identify and hire lay counselors to more quickly assist patients requiring…

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IBM Volunteer Excellence Award—IBM Israel

Fady Copty, a scientist for IBM Research, has been a passionate volunteer in several programs offered by an NGO founded by Jewish and Arab high-tech professionals as an economic catalyst for…

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IBM Volunteer Excellence Award—IBM Brazil

IBM volunteer Alessandra Vaz Da Silva is working with an organization in Brazil that helps women and families of domestic violence—a situation in which she has personal experience.…

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IBM Volunteer Excellence Award—IBM Canada

A team of IBM volunteers in Canada is engaging young people and then working with them to participate in projects with not-for-profit organizations (NPO)—creating more vibrant communities.…

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IBM Volunteer Excellence Award—IBM Chile and Cruz Roja Chilena

A team of IBM volunteers developed and are supporting the cloud platform for the Cruz Rojin chatbot for the Red Cross of Chile, helping improve response times during crises. The team received the…

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Security Everywhere

As more work moves online, cyber criminals are working overtime. That’s why organizations of all kinds are working with IBM Security to help keep data secure.

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Nuarca transforms proxy voting using blockchain

Proxy voting for corporate decision making has long been a costly and time-consuming process. Objecting beneficial owners (OBOs), whose defining characteristic is an unwillingness to giving up their…

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