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IBM Cloud Pak for Applications 1분 간략 소개

어떠한 클라우드에서든 앱을 구축할 수 있으며 기존 IBM WebSphere 고객이 편리하게 이용할 수 있는 방법을 제공하는 IBM Cloud Pak for Applications를 소개합니다.

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IBM Cloud Pak for Applications in one minute

Visit IBM Fellow and CTO, Bala Rajaraman, provides a brief introduction to IBM Cloud Pak for Applications, which can help your development teams quickly…

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Mobiecom API Demo

See how Mobiecom is able to leverage WebSphere Commerce APIs to create a fast, engaging customer experience.

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IBM Voice Gateway Virtual Workshop

Learn how to implement a call center solution with self-service agent capability by using IBM Voice Gateway and IBM Bluemix Watson Services.

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WebSphere Liberty Virtual Proof of Technology (Session 2)

A deep-dive session on the latest enhancements to WebSphere Liberty; this session explains more about what's new in Liberty v9.0.0.4.

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Get Ahead of the Microservices Revolution. Focus on App Development, Not the Framework

Learn how Microservice Builder can simplify the software delivery pipeline and provide a frictionless application lifecycle.

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Canon Europe: partnering with IBM on digital transformation

Canon Europe has engaged IBM as a strategic partner in digital transformation and adopted many IBM technologies, including IBM Business Process Manager for automating processes, and IBM WebSphere…

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IBM Voice Gateway - Building Voice-Enabled Cognitive Applications with IBM Watson

Learn about IBM’s new offering for Call Centers. IBM Voice Gateway links Watson to telephone networks as a self-service call center agent.

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Tata Consultancy Services helps Canon Europe gain the flexibility of microservices with IBM WebSphere Liberty

Canon Europe engages IBM WebSphere Liberty and IBM API Connect in order to build and deploy services quickly and to accelerate its time to market. The client used IBM WebSphere Liberty as the…

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Canon Europe: modernizing the user experience with IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud helps Canon Europe transform customer experience and interaction by providing internet-centric quality of service, multichannel support and complete integration with the IT environments. It…

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Tata Consultancy Services helps Canon Europe boost speed to market via IBM Cloud

IBM Business Partner, TCS, aids Canon Europe in implementing IBM Cloud to meet their core requirements such as technology innovation and application modernization. This solution helped them in their…

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WebSphere Application Server at the Grand Slams

Meet Brian O’Connell, an IBM Master Inventor. He is cool, calm, collected in this video. His demeanor would never let you know that the happiness of millions of tennis fans rest on his…

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IBM MobileFirst platform enables speed in app development

Hear how UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions uses IBM MobileFirst technology to develop one application and launch it with very little extra effort on several platforms.

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