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IBM Watson AIOPs¿Cómo optimizar todos nuestros recursos para mejorar nuestra eficiencia?

Watson AIOps ayuda a resolver problemas de TI complejos de forma rápida para minimizar las interrupciones del servicio y evitar paradas

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Time to get on top of your core enterprise application modernization

IBM/IDC webinar on Core Enterprise Application with IDC's research director John O'Brien and IBMs Global CTO for SAP services Allan Coulter

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Digital events essentials

Approach your digital events with these key recommendations in mind.

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A Great Inspriration Marketing Strategy Matters Now More Than Ever

13 November 2020A Great Inspriration MarketingStrategy Matters now more than everWebinar on supercharging customer experience in the new normal

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Distributed Cloud for Financial Services

Distributed Cloud for Financial Services IT round table with interviewer James Maguire, Editor at Datamation and IBM experts discussing IBM Cloud Satellite. A transformation that leverages Red Hat…

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4 easy steps to cut your TCO in half with cloud DR & Backup

Four easy steps to saving money and reducing TCO, where you can leverage cloud for backup and disaster recovery. Looking at possibilities that exists to optimize your operational efficiencies and…

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Meeting at the crossroads of edge computing and automation

In this webinar, Gartner discusses today's top edge computing business use cases, as well as the technical drivers that require an edge computing strategy. IBM's Rob High also explains how…

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Distributed Cloud Webcast

IBM's Jason McGee and Briana Frank discuss the power of distributed cloud and how IBM Cloud Satellite can help customers facing a complex and challenging cloud environment.

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IBM Cloud for Financial Services

This is a conversation with Hillery Hunter on the need in the financial services industry for access to public cloud technologies in order to achieve business objectives of delivering innovative user…

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IDC: Telco Network Transformation in the Era of Multiplied Innovation

In this webinar, IDC and IBM provide unique perspectives on the topic of network transformation. You’ll find out why it’s more important than ever to evolve your network design with…

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IDC: Moving to the Edge: An Essential Checklist for Success

In this webinar, IDC and IBM provide unique perspectives on the drivers and benefits of edge computing. You’ll also hear how IBM Edge Application Manager, with its autonomous management…

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Webinar Journey to AI Part 1

AI and data modernization have become a requirement to stay competitive. If market leaders have all progressed their data strategy to embrace AI, most organizations still have a long way to go and…

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Next Generation Data Security Strategies

Organizations should adopt a next generation data security strategy that bridges security technologies deployed across heterogeneous and highly distributed environments. Today, organizations are…

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Watson Anywhere: IA para todas las nubes

Un estudio reciente de PwC indica que la IA tiene un potencial para agregar cerca de $16 trillones de dólares a la economía mundial para el 2030 sin embargo esta tecnología tiene…

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Ciberresiliencia Cada segundo cuenta

La ciberresiliencia es la capacidad de una organización para mantener sus objetivos principales y su integridad durante un ciberataque y después de él.

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