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Using Watson Assistant to find unscheduled sales orders for a customer

By identifying these sales orders, you can prevent delays that might impact revenue and client satisfaction. Learn more about Watson Supply Chain solutions:

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Watson Supply Chain Summit

See how AI and Blockchain are reinventing the Supply Chain at the Watson Supply Chain Summit.

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The Cognitive Advantage Taking Procurement to New Levels of Excellence

Powered by advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities, procurement’s role shifting from enabler to advisor will transform how procurement organizations use data to gain real-time visibility…

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IBM’s Journey to the World’s First Cognitive Supply Chain

80% of data is dark and unstructured, posing major visibility blindness to business. Are you ready to shine a light on dark data? Learn how AI builds smarter supply chains.

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Smarter Supply Chain

Learn how IBM is helping make supply chains smarter: AI-enabled solutions for supply chain professionals. Learn more about Smarter Supply Chain:

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