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了解如何构建由 Watson AI 和 Dashbot Analytics 提供支持的聊天机器人

加入由 Dashbot 和 IBM Code SF 主持的实时网络研讨会,了解如何使用分析构建聊天机器人。在本次网络研讨会中,您将学到:如何使用 Watson AI 构建聊天机器人

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The Future of EDI in the Blockchain Era: An IBM Point of View

The world as we know it runs on and depends on EDI, it has for decades. But the world is changing and, with it, the future of EDI.IBM believes that EDI will remain highly useful and widely used…

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Influential Using AI to secure brand safety and vastly improve marketing decisions

Influential is pulling over 80 million posts from social media to help marketers make informed decisions. "When we do campaigns using the IBM Watson API's, we are seeing higher levels of…

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