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災害からシステムを守る IBM Power Systems Virtual Server

大規模な自然災害が多発している昨今、その対策は極めて重要です。IBM Cloud上で稼働する Power Systems である IBM Power Systems Virtual Serverで運用負荷やコストを大幅に抑えて迅速にIBM I やAIXの災対環境を構築できます。

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VPC 虚拟服务器:在云端拓展您的新业务

借助公有云的敏捷和易用性,获得私有云的高级安全性。使用 IBM IBM Cloud Virtual Server进行 VPC 定义和控制逻辑隔离的细分市场中的虚拟网络,并部署和管理计算、存储和网络云资源。 了解更多IBM Cloud for Virtual Servers for VPC

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Call for Code 2020: 线上无障碍实验室

参考资源:【Call For Code 2020 最佳解决方案】

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Eight great reasons to adopt hybrid cloud with IBM Power Systems

During this webinar we discussed about how moving on-premise infrastructure to the cloud is not an easy switch and is a big learning curve. While the possibilities are endless, the cloud journey can…

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Gear up with virtual servers

IBM Cloud virtual servers make sense for your workloads whether you need public dedicated instances or dedicated host virtual servers. Learn more and get started provisioning IBM Virtual Servers:…

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