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What is a Power Virtual Server?

What is a power virtual server? Can users who have already invested to run their workloads in an on-premises environment benefit from a power virtual server solution? In this lightboard video, Erin…

From  100000S3WV 100000S3WV on July 15th, 2021

IBM Power Systems Virtual Server webinar

IBM Power Systems Virtual Server webinar: - Opening remarks - Oran Aish - IBM Power Systems Virtual Server - Solution overview & use cases - Erin Jurgens & Jose Paez - TCO Exercise - How will…

From  550000WD1Y 550000WD1Y on April 22nd, 2021

Oracle Database on IBM Power Virtual Server - Part 2

This video shows all steps completed to leverage an on-premise custom AIX Image with Oracle Prerequisites done in the Power Virrtual Server environment. This custom AIX Image will be used to create…

From  0600018C7W 0600018C7W on February 19th, 2021

Oracle Database on IBM Power Virtual Server - Part 1

This video illustrates high-level steps to migrate custom AIX environments on IBM Power Systems running on-premises to IBM Power Virtual Server. It takes the example of an AIX Image with all Oracle…

From  0600018C7W 0600018C7W on February 19th, 2021

Hybrid Oracle DB Deployment on IBM Power Systems

This video is an illustration of an Oracle Database Deployment on IBM Power Systems wherever you want using a single pane of glass such as IBM Cloud Automation Manager. This new database will be…

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IBM Public Cloud: 중국 게임회사 Enjoy추하이의 해외 진출 동반자

중국 게임회사 Enjoy추하이(出海) CEO가 말하는 해외 진출 성공 비결, 그리고 그 과정에서 핵심 역할을 담당한 IBM Public Cloud의 역할에 대해 소개합니다.

From  550002BYYW 550002BYYW on November 19th, 2020

可口可乐欧洲合作伙伴有限公司: 将关键任务工作负载迁移到云中,加速战略转型

全球最大可口可乐装瓶商可口可乐欧洲合作伙伴有限公司 (CCEP)已与 IBM 签署了一项多年协议,以加速其向包括 SAP 工作负 载在内的开放式混合云环境的转型。 IBM 和 CCEP 在 2018 年开始了他们的云之旅,当时 IBM 成功将…

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What is Cloud-Native?(日本語字幕入り)

For many organization, moving to the cloud is inevitable. However, it can be overwhelming for some businesses to completely migrate their traditional workloads to the cloud.Check out this quick…

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ExxonMobil: IBM Cloud로 주유소에서 혁신적인 고객 경험 선사

서비스 혁신을 위해 ExxonMobil은 IBM iX 팀과 협업하여 업계 최초의 디지털 결제용 스마트폰 앱인 SpeedPass+를 설계하고 출시했습니다. 해당 솔루션은 IBM Public Cloud를 이용했는데, 앱 운영 비용이 40% 절감되었고, 사용자의 증가에 따라 손쉽게 확장 가능합니다. ExxonMobil의 Devin Miller와 IBM의…

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Call for Code 2020: Mbali Health

参考资源:【Call For Code 2020 最佳解决方案】

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ExxonMobil + IBM Cloud: Transforming the customer experience at the pump

Building on a long track record of service innovation, ExxonMobil engaged an IBM® iX® team to help design and launch SpeedPass+, the industry’s first smartphone app for digital payment…

From  310002MW8G 310002MW8G on June 28th, 2019