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IBM Services Breakthrough Partnerships : Bank of Ayudhya PLC (Krungsri)

Krungsri Bank leverages cloud to transform its technology infrastructure to support its digital transformation vision.

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NZN transforms from a digital publisher to a content-service platform with IBM

Every content creator wonders what to write about next. In the past, the editor-in-chief usually decided. But today, data can be more important than one person’s opinion. That’s why NZN,…

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Top trends driving the need for data transformation and how to accelerate the process

In the age of digital transformation, enterprises who are leveraging their data as a strategic asset are the ones who will succeed. However, most organizations are not able to access, trust, or…

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3 Dinge, die Sie über intelligente Workflows wissen müssen

Erfahren Sie, wie intelligente Workflows Ihre Daten harmonisieren und die Back-, Middle- und Front-Offices zusammenführen können.

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Trois éléments à retenir concernant les workflows intelligents

Découvrez comment les workflows intelligents peuvent harmoniser vos données et unifier l’entreprise dans son ensemble (administratif, opérationnel, relation…

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ICBC Argentina defines the business of digital with Watson and Cloud

Advances in digital services and personalized banking experiences create a challenge for established banks such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Argentina) S.A. (ICBC Argentina).…

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451 Research: Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud: What is the state of enterprise adoption?

Melanie Posey explains how hybrid and multicloud IT are the state of enterprise adoption today.

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Sreeram Visvanathan on the government of the future

Sreeram Visvanathan, Global Management Director Government Industry, explains what government organizations need to know as many embark on digital transformation journeys. Learn more about our…

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Table stakes for your transformation

Do you need to find the critical business logic in applications as part of a transformation project? Do you plan to rewrite this logic as shared services? Or move it to a decision management tool? …

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Embrace Software Defined Networking (SDN), Be future ready

Digital Transformation calls for cloud adoption. This huge demand for cloud services means huge demand for network connectivity, security, and bandwidth. Organisations are aspiring to achieve …

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El camino hacia su transformación digital con Servicios de gestión de infraestructuras integrados de IBM

El camino hacia su transformación digital con Servicios de gestión de infraestructuras integrados de IBM

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Putting fulfillment at the heart of the customer experience

In an environment of “have it my way” consumers and digital transformation pressures, you as a retailer are in a race to deliver a differentiated and superlative customer experience. The…

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