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Continuous Delivery

Eric Minick explains what continuous delivery is and how it’s used to push code to production through a continuous delivery pipeline.

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What is Value Stream Management?

Eric Minick explains what value stream management is and offers an example of how it works.

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What is Continuous Testing?

Eric Minick explains what continuous testing is, how it is done today and offers ideas on how to do testing in the future.

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IBM Z Development & Test Environment

IBM Z Development and Test Environment, or ZD&T for short, is the industry’s only Intel-based environment that runs current, genuine z/OS software and middleware. It is developedin lock…

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Meeting recording - Jun 16, 2017, 7.29.19


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应用测试 — IGNITE — 认知测试

GBS Assets 6_应用测试 — IGNITE — 认知测试

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应用测试 — IGNITE — 测试优化.mp4

GBS Assets 5_应用测试 — IGNITE — 测试优化.mp4

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Rabobank: Achieving DevOps agility with the mainframe

Aiming to bring faster development and testing to its mainframe environment without sacrificing stability and scalability, Rabobank uses IBM UrbanCode and IBM Rational solutions to automate…

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Rabobank: Bringing Dev and Ops together

Rabobank gets software developers and IT ops staff on the same page using IBM Rational and IBM UrbanCode software. Results: accelerated deployments from weeks to hours while freeing up staff to…

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Rabobank: Partnering with IBM to drive innovation

For industry front runners like Rabobank, pre-existing IT products usually don’t provide all that’s needed to support the company’s vision. So Rabobank formed a collaborative…

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Qantas Airways uses DevOps to test continuously and gain a competitive edge

Qantas Australias largest airline uses an IBM DevOps approach to transform application development testing and service virtualization. The airline can deliver product enhancements and new…

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Kingsmen Software drives DevOps transformations using IBM UrbanCode software

IBM Business Partner Kingsmen Software, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, helps organizations with complex application and infrastructure environments adopt and realize the full value of DevOps…

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NBCUniversal delivers code faster with IBM UrbanCode software and IBM Cloud for Skytap solutions

While using IBM UrbanCode software to automate DevOps process, NBCUniversal applies IBM Cloud for Skytap solutions, from IBM Business Partner Skytap, to quickly set up and take down application…

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Which One is Most Right for You – Performance Testing on Public or Private Cloud?

Hear about trial period and pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) testing options.

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