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Nextel: Bringing AIOps to network operations

A telecommunications provider in Brazil, Nextel runs a network that is growing in size and complexity every day. Using IBM Netcool Operations Insight software to monitor more than 25,000 network…

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A Strange Exchange: The Magician and the Media Expert

A magician and a media expert explain technology’s ability to reach your ideal audience.

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Strange Exchange: The Chef and the Head of Technical Partnerships at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

The chef and Red Bull Racing expert talk about critical communication, innovation, and pleasing the audience across industry imperatives.

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What If...

What if you could build a smarter future now? Well, we can, and we are. IBM makes our ambitions and dreams possible today. Meet us at MWC 18 to begin your transformation:…

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Serima helps Swisscom accelerate network provisioning with cloud orchestration

IBM Business Partner Serima helps major telecommunications provider Swisscom accelerate network provisioning with IBM Cloud Orchestrator, IBM Business Process Manager, and IBM Netcool Configuration…

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How to save $1.5 million using IBM Storage

Philip Källander, Technical Product Manager, explains: With regulatory changes, such as Basel III on the horizon, we are now facing incoming requirements for daily or even intra-day risk…

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Telekom Srbija cuts operational expenses by 20% using IBM Tivoli software

Serbia's largest telco operator used IBM Tivoli software to create a fault-management solution for improving operational monitoring and enhancing customer service. While reducing operational…

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Pelephone is saving BIG with IBM XIV, SVC, and Real-time Compression

Shane Sweeny, Head of Engineering at Paddy Power explains Building a scale-out database architecture on IBM Informix software allows us to assign extra resources to reporting functions to get a…

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TalkTalk - creating loyalty with IBM infrastructure

TalkTalk transforms the customer experience by utilizing analytics to create a unique "best offer" for each customer, thus aiding retention. The TalkTalk cloud infrastructure utilizes IBM…

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