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Here’s what’s new in IBM Support

This video introduces new functions that are now available in the IBM Support web site.

From  5012EW5JYM 5012EW5JYM on August 8th, 2017 79 plays

IBM Support with Watson: Omnibox

Selected IBM products now feature the IBM Support omnibox, which uses Watson to concurrently process and respond to thousands of questions in IBM Support.

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IBM Platform Computing Support tools

This video demonstrates the IBM Platform Computing Support tools.

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This video shows you how to see the latest social media content about your IBM products in the Support Portal. With Support Portal's Social Media Aggregator, it is easy to see the latest posts…

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Accelerated Value Program features of the IBM Support Portal

This video demonstrates the added benefits that IBM Accelerated Value Program clients receive from the IBM Support Portal.

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IBM Platform Computing: Viewing LSF jobs (RTM 9.1.3)

This video provides a tour of the basic features of the IBM Platform LSF Real Time Monitor (or RTM), which you can use to display and control the jobs that are running in your system.

From  IBM Education Assistant on December 14th, 2015 118 plays