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IBM 供应链利用人工智能实现实时可视性

IBM 首席供应链官 Ron Castro 分享了人工智能在系统和流程中的应用如何使 IBM 实现了实时、端到端的供应链可见性,并大大提高了该组织在预防和缓解中断方面进行协调的能力。阅读 IBM 供应链案例研究:

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IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights借助watson,提供了整个供应链的可见性。利用人工智能摆脱供应链的可见性挑战。

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IBM Supply Chain Organization Enables Real-Time Visibility with AI

Ron Castro, Chief Supply Chain Officer at IBM, shares how the application of AI across systems and processes have enabled real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility at IBM – and greatly…

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SEKO Logistics partners with IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson for real-time visibility

Makenzie Dunford and Marc Gross from SEKO Logistics explain how they leverage AI through IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson to gain real-time visibility into potential disruptions before…

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Mehr Transparenz und weniger Unterbrechungen mit IBM Supply Chain Insights

IBM Supply Chain Insights kann Ihnen dabei helfen, Unterbrechungen mithilfe künstlicher Intelligenz zu vermeiden und die Gewissheit zu haben, künftig effektiver zu arbeiten.

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Using Watson Assistant to find unscheduled sales orders for a customer

By identifying these sales orders, you can prevent delays that might impact revenue and client satisfaction. Learn more about Watson Supply Chain solutions:

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Visibility and Manage Disruption with IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson

Gain end-to-end supply chain visibility with AI-enabled insights to act faster with greater confidence and resolve disruptions in minutes, not days. Explore IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with…

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IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights Product Overview

Drive visibility and manage disruption with IBM Sterling Supply Chain insights with Watson For you, every day is an exercise in overcoming obstacles, too many of which you never see coming. Get the…

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Lenovo Transforms Its Supply Chain with AI-Driven Insights

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson provides visibility across the entire supply chain. Capitalize on AI to break free from supply chain visibility challenges. Read more.

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Watson Supply Chain Summit

See how AI and Blockchain are reinventing the Supply Chain at the Watson Supply Chain Summit.

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The Cognitive Advantage Taking Procurement to New Levels of Excellence

Powered by advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities, procurement’s role shifting from enabler to advisor will transform how procurement organizations use data to gain real-time visibility…

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IBM Watson Supply Chain Fast Start Program

Watson Supply Chain Fast Start is an agile workshop engagement to accelerate your journey toward a thinking supply chain powered by Artificial Intelligence. Using IBM Supply Chain Insights to create…

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