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Making your S/4 HANA move a part of turning your company into a Cognitive Enterprise - Impact Industry Solutions #2

IBM's IMPACT Industry Solutions, build on the SAP Model Company, is offering accelerators & capabilities helping to simplify and speed outcomes for clients that want to become AI-enabled…

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IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions - Restore a VM using Veeam

Drew Kowlski Provides a walk through of a Veeam Restore on IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.

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IBM Planning Analytics BR-PT

Nesta demonstração, você verá como é fácil atualizar os planos de vendas, mesmo diante de mudanças constantes. Com o IBM Planning Analytics, todos os…

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Academy Anthem Video for Business Operations and Supply Chain

In this video, leaders from across IBM Maximo, TRIRIGA, Engineering, Sterling and Weather Solutions share their commitments to helping customers navigate uncertainty together, to help everyone build…

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Streamline your clinical workflow

This video explains how Watson Health solutions can positively impact the clinical workflow from end to end.

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Elton de Souza - OpenShift and IBM Z

Elton de Souza is a Global Solutions Architect at IBM. He'll be covering OpenShift in his 30-minute session today.

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Transform mobile claims

See how rapidly processing claims builds trust.

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IBM Cloud Identity Demo- Reporting and Analytics

IBM Cloud Identity is a born-in-the-cloud identity and access management platform for single sign on, multifactor authentication, and user lifecycle management.

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Bank of New York Mellon Leverages Pervasive Encryption on IBM Z

Data encryption is one of the hottest topics for financial institutions today. As transaction volumes continue to increase there is more pressure than ever to ensure that data is protected and…

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Una encestada cognitiva | IBM Services + Toronto Raptors - Spanish

Como parte de la gran inauguración del Centro BioSteel de los Toronto Raptors, IBM y Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment presentan una solución única llamada IBM Sports Insights…

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Conectando productos a los consumidores con flujos de trabajo inteligentes | IBM Services + Kraft Heinz - Spanish

Kraft se está asociando con IBM para construir, probar e implementar ideas que ayuden a convertir a Kraft en una empresa cognitiva. En el IBM Garage, Kraft e IBMers se sientan juntos para…

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Conectando produtos a consumidores com fluxos de trabalho inteligentes |IBM Services + Kraft Heinz

A Kraft está em parceria com a IBM para criar, testar e implementar idéias para ajudar a tornar a Kraft uma empresa cognitiva. No IBM Garage, Kraft e IBMers se reúnem para…

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Success Story - Novartis Business Services

Novartis International AG sought ways to improve efficiencies and deliver better healthcare programs for its employees. How could the company glean more insight from its data and provide more value…

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Orion Labs infuses intelligence to bring group communication to a whole new level

First responders and remote teams have been using PTT technology to communicate in real time for many years. But now, Orion Labs has added the power of AI to its Orion Voice Platform. It uses…

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IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Overview

This overview demonstrates IBM Spectrum Protect Plus features including data backup, recovery, reuse, and long-term retention for hybrid multicloud environments. It shows from the users perspective…

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What is Cloud Security?

Nataraj Nagaratnam, the CTO for IBM Cloud Security, maps out what cloud security is on a lightboard and explains how important it is for enterprises to incorporate it into their business operations.

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