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IBM & COVID-19: Il lavoro di oggi

Oggi le imprese devono supportare le persone, indipendentemente dal luogo di lavoro. Con IBM Services le aziende sviluppano nuovi strumenti per tenerle aggiornate e pronte a tornare a lavorare…

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IBM & COVID19: Employees Today

Businesses nowadays need to support employees no matter where they’re working from. Together with IBM Services, companies are designing new tools to keep people engaged, informed and prepared…

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Comme Lloyds Banking Group utilise les données RH pour motiver les employés

Dans cette vidéo, David, Responsable de la culture et de l’engagement chez Lloyds Banking Group, témoigne de la réussite de son.

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How Lloyds Banking Group Uses Workforce Data to Improve Employee Engagement

Neste vídeo, David, Chefe de Cultura e Engajamento do Lloyds Banking Group, conta a história de sucesso do envolvimento dos funcionários

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Recruiting Process Is No Longer Taxing for H&R Block

H&R Block needed a way to centralize some of its recruting functions to allow district managers to focus on driving the business. The company implemented IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud and IBM…

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