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Finnair chooses IBM Watson AI to enable proactive decision making

Following the worldwide trend, today’s airline industry is becoming increasingly digital. Finnair chose the power of IBM Watson AI technology to accelerate its digital transformation and…

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Client success: What BRF learned by deploying an AI service desk

With 30,000 employees in locations around the world, Brazilian food company, BRF, manages a busy IT service desk. Hear how IBM's AI-powered service desk solution helps the BRF team lower call…

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Managed Private Cloud IaaS for Compute

Video from ESG showcasing Compute as a Service solution for the customer

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What is Cloud Security?

Nataraj Nagaratnam, the CTO for IBM Cloud Security, maps out what cloud security is on a lightboard and explains how important it is for enterprises to incorporate it into their business operations.

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Why Cloud Paks on IBM Cloud?

Sai Vennam with IBM Cloud provides an overview of IBM Cloud Paks and demonstrates how these pre-integrated, containerized solutions running on IBM Cloud can easily be deployed with IBM Schematics on…

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Flexibly driving high-scale apps in production with Kubernetes

As part of their migration from VMs to containerized apps, The Weather Company setup an OpenShift/Kubernetes deployment in another vendor's cloud. From the OpenShift implementation, they…

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ICBC Argentina defines the business of digital with Watson and Cloud

Advances in digital services and personalized banking experiences create a challenge for established banks such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Argentina) S.A. (ICBC Argentina).…

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INBLOCK: Improving cryptocurrency security with Blockchain and LinuxONE

INBLOCK was established to issue and efficiently operate the cryptocurrency Metacoin, which is based on Hyperledger fabric. INBLOCK's aim is to overcome cryptocurrency technical deficiencies,…

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Solution demo: Workplace Support Services with Watson

See four typical user interactions with the solution, which uses analytics, cognitive technology and automation to drive outstanding IT service desk support experiences.

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Mueve tus cargas de trabajo fácilmente - Cloud en 30

IaaS ayuda a optimizar los negocios, con soluciones múltiples que se adecuan a sus particularidades. Tres especialistas te cuentan cómo conseguir más capacidad de cómputo,…

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Mbanq embraces IBM Blockchain World Wire to transform cross-border payments and settlements

Mbanq, a digital banking SaaS platform provider, integrates IBM Blockchain Word Wire into its core. This helps banks, along with credit unions, remittance agencies, money changers and other financial…

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