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Get ready to experience a new generation of Power

IBM Power10 is coming soon. Ready to learn what’s next for IBM Power?

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Managing Unprecedented Workloads in 2020's Market Volatility

Global fintech FNZ share how they are modernising core business applications with Business Partner CSI and IBM Power Virtual Server

From  550003AW1E 550003AW1E on August 15th, 2021

What is a Power Virtual Server?

What is a power virtual server? Can users who have already invested to run their workloads in an on-premises environment benefit from a power virtual server solution? In this lightboard video, Erin…

From  100000S3WV 100000S3WV on July 15th, 2021

Go on z/OS: Using Go packages to create a RESTful server

This tutorial video will cover how to use Go packages to create a RESTful server. It will also give a brief introduction to the Go language and how to localize your package with no access to the…

From  55000AJF1R 55000AJF1R on May 28th, 2021

IBM Copy Services Manager Update and DS8900F native LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) 05182021

Listen to this webinar to learn from Randy Blea, Copy Services Manager Architect, about the new features available in Copy Services Manager (CSM) 6.2.12. New features such as programmatically…

From  2700070HPT 2700070HPT on May 18th, 2021

FlashSystem Replication to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using OpenShift Container Platform (OCP)

In this Glassboard and Live demo video we will see a high level as well as a deep dive showing how IBM FlashSystem arrays can replicate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using SV4PC, with OpenShift…

From  2700070HPT 2700070HPT on May 13th, 2021

IBM Power Systems Virtual Server webinar

IBM Power Systems Virtual Server webinar: - Opening remarks - Oran Aish - IBM Power Systems Virtual Server - Solution overview & use cases - Erin Jurgens & Jose Paez - TCO Exercise - How will…

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Learn how IBM offers a full-stack cloud platform that includes a full IaaS layer of virtualized compute, network, and storage.

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DXに向けたIBM i やAIXの開発・検証環境をクラウドで

デジタルによる価値創造はアプリケーションが鍵を握ります。コストを押さえながら、必要な時に必要なだけ開発、検証環境を用意したい。IBM Cloud上で稼働するIBM Power Systems Virtual Serverは 、そうしたご要望にお答えします。…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JD on March 16th, 2021

DS8900F Management Graphical User Interface (GUI) Demo 02252021

Listen and learn about the IBM DS8900F Management GUI from the Lead Designer of Enterprise Storage Jason Peipelman. This webinar will show a live demonstration and guided tour of the graphical…

From  2700070HPT 2700070HPT on February 25th, 2021

Alfredo Micarelli - Carbon Footprint Requirements

We all recognize that IT infrastructure decisions impact space, electrical and cooling budgets but have your clients ever asked about the impact IT has on the environment? This week's expert…

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