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Cognition Foundry: Helping startups tackle big challenges

Cognition Foundry specializes in using the latest technology to help startups—particularly those with a strong focus on social impact—change the world. When startup Plastic Bank had the…

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ExxonMobil + IBM Cloud: Transforming the customer experience at the pump

Building on a long track record of service innovation, ExxonMobil engaged an IBM® iX® team to help design and launch SpeedPass+, the industry’s first smartphone app for digital payment…

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Why is IBM Cloud essential to Wimbledon?

IBM Cloud is the foundation for everything we do at Wimbledon, providing flexibility and scale to enable realtime insights, to powering Apps. Learn more

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Veeam Backup

Veeam on IBM Cloud provides full bare metal and hypervisor access, and this is important because it significantly reduces the learning curve of using the cloud. This enables organizations to maintain…

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Techcombank trusts IBM LinuxONE as its IT foundation for business growth

Being a trailblazer matters in a frontier market like Vietnam - that's why Techcombank trusts IBM LinuxONE to support its rapid growth across its business and customer base. Watch the full story…

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Learn Forward: Revolutionizing the way presentations are digitally shared

Have you ever been distracted, lost concentration, or hesitated to ask a question during a presentation? You’re not alone! From the classroom to the boardroom, Learn Forward is taking…

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Techcombank + IBM LinuxONE: Blazing a Trail for Vietnamese Banking

Being a trailblazer matters in a frontier market like Vietnam, which is experiencing rapid economic and digital growth. Much of the country's population is still unbanked - providing an…

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Blue Shield of California speeds healthcare law compliance with IBM PureApplication System

Blue Shield of California needed to re-build its customer portal to meet changing customer and legal requirements. Fernando Acosta Blue Shield Director of Infrastructure Management describes how…

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First National Bank processes over 1 billion transactions monthly with IMS

The transformative power of financial inclusion in Africa should not be underestimated. First National Bank understands how to reach communities where access to financial services is crucial and…

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Discover the power of IBM Mobile in Africa

Watch the complete First National Bank story: and read their IBM client story at In South Africa, more people have cell phones than bank…

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