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Put AI to work with Ask Watson: Inquiries

Complex sales comp plans often leave sellers with more questions than answers. See how IBM SPM's AI-powered digital assistant can help.

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Behind the Code- See who's using IBM Watson to help boost sales at brick-and-mortars_European Spanish

Behind the Code- See who's using IBM Watson to help boost sales at brick-and-mortars_European Spanish

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Mid-game correction strategies for your sales compensation plan

No matter how well you’ve designed your sales compensation plan at the beginning of the year, but sudden changes in the business environment and market dynamics can always overturn your…

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Enhance your sales results with an incentive compensation management solution

Discover how your organization can enhance its sales results while achieving operational efficiencies when it uses the IBM Sales Performance Management solution to manage incentive compensation…

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IBM and The Cygnal Group Webinar: How much is too much? Predicting and Assessing the Cost of the Sales Team

How do you know when you are paying your sales people too much? How much is too much? Listen to a webinar by IBM and Cyngal Group to learn how to predict and assess the cost of the sales team. …

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A Former CFO 's Insights for Better Sales and Operations Planning

Learn how you can get accurate forecasting and optimized planning - Today's world is data-rich but insights-poor. There's too much data, and…

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13017Cognitive automation for insurance: how to be customer centric and cost effective313USEN-00

Insurance companies can deliver differentiated customer experiences, while keeping costs down, with IBM Cognitive Process Automation (CPA).

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Ferguson: Preserving a leading market position with super-motivated sales associates with IBM ICM solution

Ferguson enabled greater control, insight and flexibility around incentive compensation management with IBM solutions, helping to drive higher revenues by creating plans aligned with product…

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Comsense Technologies Pvt. Ltd. reaches new markets leveraging IBM Watson

Working to help its customers accurately identify which marketing programs are truly effective, Comsense Technologies Pvt. Ltd. relies on IBM Watson Customer Engagement technology and subject matter…

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TGCS: New sales channels made possible through mobile technology

Worklight gives you the platform for you to be responsive and flexible, and bring apps quickly to functionality and content quickly to the applications. -- Constantine Koutras, IT Director with…

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eyeQ delivers point-of-sale targeted content with IBM Bluemix

Michael Garel, Founder & CEO of eyeQ,explains how is company has reduced time-to-market with IBM Bluemix, improved its solution with Watson services, and scaled quickly with the help of IBM.…

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Stryker field sales teams can focus more on the customer and selling with IBM SPM solutions

Stryker is able to better manage incentive compensation for its US based sales representatives so that they can focus more on the customer, selling, as well as strategizing. Read more:…

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Yellow Pages or reinvented themselves as a digital media company and has become an ad consultant for small businesses. needed to transform their sales performance management system and…

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