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Innovation in a virtual-first reality with IBM Garage - LA - CO-ES

Enterprises are adapting to new ways of working as they pivot from old patterns of work and physical models to the new normal. The most successful businesses will be able to pivot and adapt with…

From  CHQMKT_Services on December 3rd, 2020

Innovation in einer Virtual-First-Realität mit IBM Garage

Für Woodsidev IBM Garage ist ein Innovations framework, über das wir Innovationen in Ihr Unternehmen bringen.

From  CHQMKT_Europe on December 3rd, 2020

L'innovation dans une réalité virtuelle d'abord avec IBM Garage

Pour Woodsidev IBM Garage est une infrastructure d’innovation qui nous permet de placer l’innovation au cœur de votre entreprise.

From  CHQMKT_Europe on December 3rd, 2020

WoodsideがIBM Garageを使って取り組んだ働き方改革

企業は、古いパターンの作業や物理モデルから新しい標準に移行するにつれて、新しい作業方法に適応していきます。最も成功しているビジネスは、スピードと規模に合わせてピボットし、適応することができます。ウッドサイド社がIBMガレージで、いかに達成したかについて紹介します。 詳細:

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JD on November 24th, 2020

Safeguard your people and your spaces

Watch this a can't-miss panel of industry leaders as they discuss how they've had to quickly adapt to today's challenges. Hear the actions they've taken to work safer and…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on October 16th, 2020

Return to work safely with Watson

New challenges have arisen when considering returning to work. Worker safety requires you tackle many aspects and any bit of help is vital. This webinar will touch on areas you can use AI models and…

From  CHQMKT_Europe on September 29th, 2020

Get real-time worker safety insights

The rules of coming back to work will be entirely different than before. But you can turn data into actionable insights that improve workplace safety and support worker health.

From  CHQMKT_Europe on September 29th, 2020

Create safe, optimized spaces - return to work with confidence

More than ever, it’s critical how we manage our buildings and our spaces, and how people engage with that space. You can create safer spaces, focus on occupant well-being, and control costs.…

From  CHQMKT_Europe on September 29th, 2020