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451 Research: Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud: What is the state of enterprise adoption?

Melanie Posey explains how hybrid and multicloud IT are the state of enterprise adoption today.

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Meet 'Mombo' of IBM Cloud

When Mombo first joined the IBM Cloud team, he arrived with the clothes on his back and his motorcycle. Now, he runs our Cloud Innovation Labs across North America, including Thunderdome which…

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IBM RXN for Chemistry

The first AI web service for predicting chemical reactions in the IBM Cloud.

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Explore the power of statistical analysis in your organization

Analyze your data and formulate hypotheses while carrying out analytics procedures as you use statistics to lead your organization to success. To learn more about IBM SPSS Statistics, visit…

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Learn How to Use Customer-Level Data to Shape Customer Journeys and Drive Loyalty

Firms aspire to the benefits of a customer journey focus but struggle to achieve them because of obstacles in four realms: approach, ownership, tools, and culture. A shift in focus from channels and…

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20 Years In: The State of the CX Profession

While CX professionals have finally reached the boardroom, they must pick up steam to master the tools, techniques & customers of tomorrow.

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IBM Cloud Hero Stories: Medical Minecraft

See how high school students are using IBM Bluemix to learn how to code video games like Medical Minecraft while developing cognitive skills. Fore more information please visit:…

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USC - Enabling longer term research for faculty and students using Watson

University of South Carolina: College of Engineering and Computing collaborates with companies to conduct long term researches that can transform industries. The students use IBM Watson to embed…

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HNA Technology Group Research Institute

IBM Watson Build Challenge - HNA Technology Group Research Institute is Geography Champion for Greater China Group

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IBM helps CERN as data demand explodes

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, collects more than a gigabyte of data per second, 24 hours a day, from its Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world's largest and most…

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Liquid Newsroom uses Watson Analytics for Social Media for deeper marketing insights

Watson Analytics for Social Media offers a deeper understanding of how a market works and reveals subject topics that engage and motivate consumers. For Liquid Newsroom, no other analysis tool comes…

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University of Montana researchers use smarter insights to find life-saving solutions

Researchers at the University of Montana were interested in preventing epilepsy in patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries. As they began to gather data, they realized how crucial it was to…

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