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Visit IBM Watson Center Munich

No matter how far you are on your digital journey, if you are looking for the right partner for your digital transformation, we encourage you to explore the IBM Watson Center in Munich. It is the…

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What is BlockpARTy? Where art and transparent supply meet

With blockchain transparency... supply chains are thriving end-to-end. See how one artist interprets this, then listen to IBM clients explain it. Join us for BlockpARTy — Where #blockchain…

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Work safe and work smart with Watson Works

The way we work today is being reimagined at every level – from where, to how, to what we do. Watson Works is a curated set of products that embeds Watson AI models and applications to help you…

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IBM Supply Chain Organization Enables Real-Time Visibility with AI

Ron Castro, Chief Supply Chain Officer at IBM, shares how the application of AI across systems and processes have enabled real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility at IBM – and greatly…

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Lenovo Transforms Its Supply Chain with AI-Driven Insights

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson provides visibility across the entire supply chain. Capitalize on AI to break free from supply chain visibility challenges. Read more.

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