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Квантовые компьютеры

Запись интервью с гостем - Алексеем Иванченко, физиком, изобретателем, автором и телеведущим научно-популярной программы на канале «Наука».

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The future of healthcare is evolving - IBM's Kate Huey explains how

Kate Huey, IBM's Global Healthcare Executive, discusses the future of the industry and how hybrid cloud is paving the way. With specific examples to IBM's work with The Cleveland Clinic,…

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See how Mercedes-Benz is using quantum computers to design better batteries

Mercedes-Benz, in partnership with IBM Quantum, is exploring quantum computing to craft the future of electric vehicles.

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See how ExxonMobil uses quantum computers to ship cleaner fuels

ExxonMobil in partnership with IBM Quantum is exploring quantum algorithms to tackle the complexities of shipping the world’s cleanest burning fuel.

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Veränderung als Chance: IBM General Manager Gregor Pillen im exklusiven Interview

Gregor Pillen (General Manager IBM DACH) spricht über die Auswirkungen von COVID, die Zukunft der Wirtschaft und Quantum computer.

From  550000WD1Y 550000WD1Y on April 22nd, 2021

Spannende Insights zum Think Pop-up Konzept der IBM.

Geraldine Tenten (CMO DACH, IBM) und Jan Fode (Head of Events DACH, IBM) sprechen über das Konzept hinter dem Think Pop-up.

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Wie funktionieren die interaktiven Showcases im Pop-up?

Eine Insider-Tour mit Joachim Hennebach, IBM Cloud Marketing.

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Faszination Quantum Computer: Was bringt die Zukunft?

Ingolf Wittmann, Geschäftsfeldleiter Quantensysteme, Frauenhofer IAF berichtet über Quantum Computer und was die Zukunft bringt.

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IBM Skills Presenta- Quantum - Sesion 2

La Base Matemática, Programando la Superposición y Sumar 1 + 1.

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IBM Skills Presenta- Quantum - IBM Q Experience - Sesion 1

Introducción a la Computación Cuántica, Superposición e IBM Q Experience.

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IBM’s roadmap for building an open quantum software ecosystem

IBM Quantum Vice President and IBM Fellow Jay Gambetta outlines our goal of speeding up quantum processing power by 100X before the end of 2021, and delivering simple cloud-based services that any…

From  chq_mkt_delegated on February 2nd, 2021

Classical Cryptography and the Impacts of Quantum Computing

We experience the benefits of classical computing every day. However, there are challenges that today’s systems will never be able to solve. For problems above a certain size and…

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Leveraging emerging technologies through collaboration

At the IBM Cloud Innovation Lab there is something for everyone – from business stakeholders to technical personnel. In this session, you will learn how the Cloud Innovation Lab can be your…

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ExxonMobil addresses energy challenges with IBM Quantum

IBM quantum computers are giving ExxonMobil a new way to search for new energy sources. Discussing the merger of two scientific frontiers—quantum and lower emissions energy—is ExxonMobil…

From  CHQMKT_Systems on November 18th, 2020

Start quantum programming with IBM Quantum Experience

IBM Quantum Experience and IBM Quantum Lab are cloud applications to learn and program quantum computing on IBM’s quantum systems.
 Visually build quantum circuits with IBM Quantum Experience…

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Quantum Starts Here

Quantum computers hold the promise of solving entirely new categories of problems that are beyond the reach of today’s most powerful computers. As many organizations across industry,…

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