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采购管理与制造业实践分享 _ 王晓静

1. 采购管理体系的概述内容 2. 某制造企业的采购咨询案例 3. IBM认知采购解决方案-数字化的采购工具

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采购管理与制造业实践分享 _ 王晓静

1. 采购管理体系 2. 某制造企业的采购咨询案例 3. IBM认知采购解决方案

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1. 如何进行防疫物资紧急采购? 2. 复工复产,如何保障生产物资供应? 3. 企业危难之时采购如何贡献价值? 4. 如何借力黑科技领跑未来?

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The Big Procurement Debate: Why procurement struggles to deliver value beyond cost-reduction

The mandate for procurement organizations is clear – cost reduction alone no longer ensures success; creating value is equally important.

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IBM Device Health with Watson

Refresh enterprise devices at exactly the right time by understanding their unique "health scores."

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The Cognitive Advantage Taking Procurement to New Levels of Excellence

Powered by advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities, procurement’s role shifting from enabler to advisor will transform how procurement organizations use data to gain real-time visibility…

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Tur-Bus maximizes fleet safety, security, compliance and cost control with IBM Maximo

An inter-city transportation company in Chile uses IBM Maximo inventory and procurement management capabilities to reduce inventory costs by $1.5 million and warranty costs by $500,000, while…

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