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Norfolk Southern: Using Weather Company data to drive down railroad operational costs

Norfolk Southern is building a smarter railroad through technology by using hyper-localized weather data from The Weather Company to automate the operation of the propane ice melters that keep its…

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IBM Watson Machine Learning: Score a Predictive Model Built with IBM SPSS Modeler

Watch this video to see how to use Watson Machine Learning and IBM Watson Studio to create a data flow using IBM SPSS Modeler to predict chronic kidney disease. Find more videos in the IBM Watson…

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IBM POWER9: Let’s Put Smart to Work

With built-in PowerVM virtualization, next-generation IBM POWER9-based Power Systems servers are cloud-ready, enabling you to deploy the right cloud environment to meet your organization’s…

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Sandvik transforms mining asset management with IoT and analytics

Mining companies strive to maximize production, which requires functional equipment. A key to keeping equipment up and running is to minimize unplanned maintenance by optimizing scheduled…

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Chemonics delivers $742.6 million in life-saving products with a smarter supply chain

As part of its global efforts to help people live healthier, more productive, and more independent lives, Chemonics received a $10 billion, multi-year contract from USAID to deliver life-saving…

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Analytic Partners: Using weather data to help clients optimize marketing investements

Analytic Partners is using The Weather Company data to improve it's ability to customize and fine tune the analytics it provides to its customers, improving digital ROI 40%. Read more:…

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The Value of AI to Enterprise Business

The IBM Power Systems team recently caught up with some of the leading thinkers in artificial intelligence to discuss the value of AI to enterprise business. Learn more:

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Predictive Analytics in the Cloud: Is it right for you?

As more companies adopt predictive analytics, TDWI is seeing an increase in cloud adoption.

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Combining IBM SPSS Statistics and R for competitive advantage

This webinar will show you how SPSS Statistics can help you keep up with the influx of new data.

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Análise preditiva em 20 minutos with IBM SPSS Modeler

Visualize predictive output, proactively retain your best customers, utilize customer data to maximize financial impact.

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ATM and Branch Support Services from IBM

ATM services for Financial Institutions - Wouldn’t it be great if all your branch banking technology could be managed and maintained…

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IBM Predictive Maintenance Services

Predictive Maintenance is one of IBM key capabilities that help improve the customer experience by predicting problems before they occur. IBM Technology Support Services helps prevent incidents…

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What’s New in IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio 12.8

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio provides powerful tools to build and solve optimization models. For details Watch webinar.

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Presentamos el vídeo sobre IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition

Aplique el poder del aprendizaje automático en todos sus datos para obtener una ventaja competitiva. Pruebe el nuevo IBM Watson Explorer.

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