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IBM PowerAI Vision helps to reduce biosecurity threats at the Harry Butler Institute

The Harry Butler Institute, Murdoch University aims to find innovative solutions to biosecurity issues. The institute, named after Australian naturalist Dr Harry Butler, is part of the environmental…

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Solução Haiecon para Recuperação de Crédito e IBM POWER9

Solução Haiecon para recuperação de Crédito integrada a Plataforma IBM de Inteligência Artificial POWER9. Solução cognitiva para…

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Introducing POWER9 Servers

POWER9 Enterprise Servers Designed to Fuel Innovation

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POWER9 processor chip - IBM

POWER9 ™ servers are built for the most data-intensive and demanding computing on earth. Whether it’s AI, cloud infrastructure or the ability to run your mission-critical applications…

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Kicking off #THINK2018 with Chester Gorski CT&OO ( CTO & COO ) of Techcombank

I'm at IBM's #THINK2018 talking with Chester Gorski, CT&OO ( CTO & COO ) of Techcombank, talking about the IBM LinuxONE platform, Storage, Security, Data Protection, and the…

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Transform your infrastructure with POWER9

Introducing POWER9 enterprise servers, future-forward infrastructure delivering performance, scale, security, reliability and built-in virtualization to cloud enable data-intensive, mission critical…

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