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IBM PowerAI Vision

PowerAI Vision comes with intuitive tools to help subject matter experts easily train deep learning vision models.

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Computer Merchants Partners with IBM for AI Services

As the potential for AI is is opening up avenues for businesses that never existed, IBM is bringing state of the art AI technologies and tools to its business partners and customers.

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Scaling Deep Learning to 256 GPUs with 95% efficiency Webcast

The benefits scaling beyond a single node might provide you, in terms of training times and accuracy.

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How to not lose sleep over infrastructure migrations

Flying spiders can be scary but migrations don't have to be. At IBM, we are here to help to make that transition as easy as possible.

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Power AI Demo

How hard is it to get started on an AI job? Not very if you have the right infrastructure and software support.

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Elinar + IBM Power Systems| Bringing AI to the enterprise

Elinar uses PowerAI to identify and understand unstructured data to gain business insights.

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A webinar sharing how AI Infrastructure is supporting growth at the University of Birmingham.

Hear from University of Birmingham about how they get faster insights from their data and rapid expansion with AI infrastructure.

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