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IBM OpenPages with Watson: Overview

IBM OpenPages with Watson transforms the way risk and compliance professionals work. By providing core services and functional components on a scalable platform that spans operational risk,…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on September 20th, 2021

Transformação CX Inteligente com IBM e Adobe

O consumidor moderno espera personalização em todo o ciclo de vida do cliente. É nossa responsabilidade alinhar-nos com as expectativas em constante evolução e…

From  5500038UB8 5500038UB8 on August 24th, 2021

IBM and Cloudera Partnership-Journey to Hybrid Cloud and AI

Learn how IBM and Cloudera can help you connect your data lifecycle and accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud and AI.

From  2700074XKQ 2700074XKQ on August 24th, 2021

Why IBM created Code Engine?

Learn how IBM helps clients take full advantage of serverless deployments with a single platform where developers can run containers, source code and batch jobs, all in one place. Learn more about…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on August 16th, 2021

فيديو مفسّر لنهج IBM Garage

نهج IBM Garage: ماهيته وكيف يعمل والفوائد التي تعود على الأعمال من استخدامه بلغة بسيطة ومقنعة ومرئيات متحركة بأسلوب علامة IBM Garage التجارية

From  550000WD1Y 550000WD1Y on August 14th, 2021

Vidéo explicative d'IBM Garage

L'approche IBM Garage : sa nature, son fonctionnement, les avantages métier de son utilisation dans un langage simple et efficace, et des visuels animés dans le style de la marque…

From  550000WD1Y 550000WD1Y on August 14th, 2021

Промо-видео об IBM Garage

Концепция IBM Garage: что это такое, как работает, преимущества продукта для бизнеса простым и понятным языком с анимацией в стиле бренда IBM Garage.

From  550000WD1Y 550000WD1Y on August 14th, 2021

Video esplicativo di IBM Garage

L'approccio IBM Garage: che cos'è, come funziona, i vantaggi di business derivanti dal suo utilizzo mediante un linguaggio semplice e convincente e immagini animate nello stile del…

From  550000WD1Y 550000WD1Y on August 14th, 2021

IBM Garage - Erklärungs-Video

Der IBM Garage-Ansatz: was es ist, wie es funktioniert, die geschäftlichen Vorteile, die sich daraus ergeben, in einfacher und ansprechender Sprache mit animierten Bildern im Stil von…

From  550000WD1Y 550000WD1Y on August 14th, 2021

MongoDB Enterprise for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

The video demonstrates how MongoDB Enterprise works with IBM Cloud Pak for Data and how are they better together.

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on August 9th, 2021

Power your Path to net zero with an ESG ecosystem

Environmental sustainability imperatives are at the top of today’s O&G business agenda. Learn how you can drive a successful transition to net zero through ecosystem partners–while…

From  50F6VG4CCM 50F6VG4CCM on July 30th, 2021

Daily Drilling Well Report and NPT App on IBM's Hybrid Cloud OSDU Platform Demo

Daily Drilling Well Report & NPT App on IBM's Hybrid Cloud OSD illustrates how simple it is to leverage IBM Open Data for Industries to program applications to solve real life workflow…

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JY on July 28th, 2021

Начало работы с IBM Garage

Ознакомительные сессии IBM Garage — это отличный способ наладить партнерские отношения с экспертами IBM и приступить к решению конкретных бизнес-задач или технологических проблем, или ускорить…

From  3100028KV4 3100028KV4 on July 27th, 2021

Set up your Ansible control node for getting started with Ansible for IBM Z

This video demonstrates how to set up your Red Hat Ansible control node for getting started automating processes for IBM Z with Ansible. The resources mentioned can be found at the following links:…

From  50CSTWKNQV 50CSTWKNQV on July 27th, 2021

Transformación inteligente de CX con IBM y Adobe

El consumidor moderno espera personalización en todo el ciclo de vida del cliente. Es nuestra responsabilidad alinearnos con las expectativas en constante evolución y brindar la…

From  5500038UB8 5500038UB8 on July 20th, 2021

Max Weiss - IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center

IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center is a cloud and infrastructure management offering providing a simplified user interface for managing your on-premise cloud deployments of Linux on Z virtual machines.…

From  1200007VU3 1200007VU3 on July 8th, 2021