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What is OpenShift?

Sai Vennam with IBM Cloud provides an overview of OpenShift on a lightboard explaining how OpenShift allows you to run containerized applications and workloads to help better streamline the…

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Open Source 101

Please complete this training to gain a deeper insight on Open Source. Open the audio file by clicking the replay link.

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学习 Node.js,第 5 单元:事件循环

参考资源:【学习 Node.js,第 5 单元:事件循环】 事件循环支持Node 的非阻塞 I/O 模型,可以帮助 Node 根据负载进行扩展。进一步了解事件循环及如何使用它。

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Open Source Software can help you innovate faster

Discover the smart way to manage the increasing complexity of a commercial and community open source software ecosystem. Organizations are adopting enterprise IT solutions based on open source…

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IBM Z | Designed with and for clients worldwide

Learn more: With 80% of the world’s businesses running on the mainframe, IT leaders put their trust in the data and applications there. Meet the newest member of the IBM…

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Analytics agility on Apache Spark for IBM Z

IBM z Systems customers that want to engage in value-add Big Data & Analytics initiatives can now do so with ease. The secret? Run their analytics right where the preponderance of their…

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IBM Z | Drive innovation and agility with DevOps

Learn more: Today consumers have higher expectations than ever for their digital experiences. To exceed these expectations, businesses must adapt quickly. IBM Z DevOps…

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Diamonds are forever with a secure blockchain - The Everledger story

For more information on blockchain security best practices, download this white paper: Leanne Kemp, founder and…

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Innovation with a secure, open and connected platform | IBM LinuxONE™

Sit down with Barry Baker, VP of Offering Management for IBM Z and LinuxONE, and guest speaker, Forrester Analyst Chris Gardner as they discuss why CIOs and CTOs are seeking new ways to operate and…

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IBM Client Huaxia Express is helping lead China with an e-Ticketing system

Interested to learn more about how you can drive digital transformation through infrastructure built for open source? Read the IDC Analyst Report, Millions…

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Learn Forward: Revolutionizing the way presentations are digitally shared

Have you ever been distracted, lost concentration, or hesitated to ask a question during a presentation? You’re not alone! From the classroom to the boardroom, Learn Forward is taking…

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Everledger & Diamonds: Building a Secure Blockchain

Learn more: Leanne Kemp, CEO and Founder of Everledger, discusses how her company uses IBM Blockchain in the diamond industry to reduce fraud and disrupt an industry.

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Introducing the newest member of the LinuxONE family - the Rockhopper II

Join Dez Blanchfield, Data Scientist, & Digital Transformation Consultant along with Bill Kostenko, IBM Fellow & Chief Engineer as they give you and inside look at what's "under the…

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How Plastic Bank uses blockchain on LinuxONE to alleviate poverty

To learn more about LinuxONE: Cognition Foundry and The Plastic Bank are developing a Blockchain implementation on LinuxONE to manage financial transactions that…

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Infosys Ltd. improves time to market up to 30 percent with IBM UrbanCode

To help customers take better products to market more quickly Infosys Ltd. built the Infosys Continuous Integration Platform which integrates with IBM UrbanCode Deploy software. The company boosts…

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Improving Responsiveness and Flexibility with MicroProfile Open Liberty and Microservice Builder

The marketplace today has vastly changed with the prevalence of open source and creating cloud-native applications in a microservice framework which is providing a variety of new ways to go to…

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