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复旦大学案例:加速 AI,赋能科研,造福国家

复旦大学近年来持续加大在人工智能领域的研究投入,取得了众多研究成果,并在小样本训练、NLP、新冠疫情等实际场景中应用,与深脑云及 IBM 的达成合作之后,借助 IBM Spectrum Scale 和 OpenPOWER,引入了高性能、高可用的基础平台,大大提升了科研的效率实验的精度,并且建立了完善的合作生态。详情访问 IBM Spectrum Scale…

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Honda engineers design to safety and fuel efficiency regulations using AI

The Honda R&D team uses the expert system to provide engineers with the best design solutions quickly so that they can create safer, more eco-friendly vehicles. Reduce reputational and regulatory…

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参考资源:【2019 最佳解决方案】

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NZN transforms from a digital publisher to a content-service platform with IBM

Every content creator wonders what to write about next. In the past, the editor-in-chief usually decided. But today, data can be more important than one person’s opinion. That’s why NZN,…

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How A Bulldog Trial Lawyer and a Brilliant Data Scientist Partnered with IBM Watson to Solve Law's Toughest Problem

By leveraging IBM's natural language processing and concept extraction algorithms, John Snyder and Mac Macartney, co-founders of Agnes Intelligence, have created an entirely new technique for…

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cognitiveCX: Using AI and machine learning to understand customer sentiment, nuance and context

cognitiveCX develops an AI-driven customer experience analytics service that helps customers tap into its unstructured data and derive meaningful insights. "When we started working with the…

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Oovvuu: Bolstering the media industry by matching videos to articles using AI

Oovvuu uses IBM Watson to extract the metadata on articles and helps provide contextually relevant videos to each news article. "So natural language processing is the main technology that we…

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Glintt: Teaming with IBM to optimize hospital bed management

Glintt uses IBM Watson to create a solution called WISEWARD, that leverages insights from clinical and administrative data to help the hospital authorities allocate the right bed to the right patient…

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Jibes leverages Cognitive solutions to provide its clients with deeper insights about their products

Jibes creates a lead generation solution that helps customers gather better insights about its products and target market and identify leads more accurately. Read more: …

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