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Behind the code: See who’s working with IBM Watson to help save valuable time.

It’s time developers like Philip Walsh got some attention. He works at AIB, where he collaborated with the IBM Garage team to create a functioning virtual assistant within a week. He was able…

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NZN transforms from a digital publisher to a content-service platform with IBM

Every content creator wonders what to write about next. In the past, the editor-in-chief usually decided. But today, data can be more important than one person’s opinion. That’s why NZN,…

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Aigine solving GDPR compliance issues using AI

With the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, businesses are scrambling to ensure that they protect their customer’s data and privacy. Aigine was…

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How A Bulldog Trial Lawyer and a Brilliant Data Scientist Partnered with IBM Watson to Solve Law's Toughest Problem

By leveraging IBM's natural language processing and concept extraction algorithms, John Snyder and Mac Macartney, co-founders of Agnes Intelligence, have created an entirely new technique for…

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How AI transformed ABB customer support in just 90 days

Being customer-centric requires companies to understand not only what their customers are telling them but how they're feeling. As with most global manufacturers, ABB had an enormous amount of…

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JAAI: Using AI to remove mundane tasks, bolstering creativity and productivity

JAAI partnered with IBM to build a solution that can scan through structured and unstructured data across thousands of scouting reports to identify key insights on players and help scouts make…

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cognitiveCX: Using AI and machine learning to understand customer sentiment, nuance and context

cognitiveCX develops an AI-driven customer experience analytics service that helps customers tap into its unstructured data and derive meaningful insights. "When we started working with the…

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Oovvuu: Bolstering the media industry by matching videos to articles using AI

Oovvuu uses IBM Watson to extract the metadata on articles and helps provide contextually relevant videos to each news article. "So natural language processing is the main technology that we…

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Glintt: Teaming with IBM to optimize hospital bed management

Glintt uses IBM Watson to create a solution called WISEWARD, that leverages insights from clinical and administrative data to help the hospital authorities allocate the right bed to the right patient…

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Equals 3 leverages IBM Cognitive capabilities to provide relavant insights to marketers

Lucy, an Equals 3 product is focused on bringing 3 core areas to life; research, segmentation and planning. Leveraging IBM Watson APIs and Bluemix infrastructure, Lucy can deliver more relavant…

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Using natural language

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How to Leverage Natural Language in your Analysis

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Jibes leverages Cognitive solutions to provide its clients with deeper insights about their products

Jibes creates a lead generation solution that helps customers gather better insights about its products and target market and identify leads more accurately. Read more: …

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