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Murthy Garimella - RHEL

Murthy Garimella, as a global solution architect (RH-IBM) responsible to architect, design, and implement hybrid & multi-cloud solutions using IBM Systems like Power, Z, and LinuxOne along with…

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IBM Services Multicloud Híbrida

A Multicloud Híbrida é o novo padrão. Três coisas que você precisa saber.

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Modernizing Traditional Applications in a Multi-Cloud World

A short video clip introducing the key topics discussed on “Modernizing Traditional Applications in a Multi-Cloud World” webinar.

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Cuando el almacenamiento se une a la innovación

Los datos están en constante crecimiento. Necesita soluciones de almacenamiento que lo ayuden a administrar, proteger y aprovechar al máximo los datos de su compañía.…

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IBM Storage para Multicloud

Seu ambiente de TI aproveita todas as vantagens de um ambiente híbrido e multicloud?

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How an Enterprise Saved Millions by Re-evaluating Cloud Providers

Enterprises are moving to a multi-cloud model - but how do you assure you are choosing the best providers for your enterprise? In this webinar we will walk you through a case study on a large…

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Overarching multicloud story video

To be successful, companies must be data-driven. To be data-driven, companies need to have a flexible, modern, agile infrastructure.

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