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ABM Investama drives efficiency with IBM Services and SAP

ABM Investama’s mining operations can be buffeted by volatile commodity prices and distribution challenges. To help flex production, cut waste and protect margins, IBM Services worked with ABM…

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State Farm: Speed application and product development with test data management

Mark Moncelle, Architect Manager at State Farm, describes how test data management benefits a governed organization's data mining, application development, and product development processes in…

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Optimize production using the IoT and artificial intelligence

Ben is a plant manager at a metals and mining production plant. Follow his journey as he uses predictive analytics and AI to detect problems on the shop floor before they occur, and taps into his…

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RCS Global leverages IBM Blockchain to change the game for responsible sourcing

RCS Global, a leader in data-driven responsible sourcing, teamed up with IBM to create the Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network. The IBM Blockchain platform provides the foundation for a network…

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MineHub ensures timely and accurate data-sharing with blockchain

MineHub has established a consortium of leading industry participants—including mining, technology and banking companies—to help build a blockchain platform to manage high-value assets…

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Sandvik transforms mining asset management with IoT and analytics

Mining companies strive to maximize production, which requires functional equipment. A key to keeping equipment up and running is to minimize unplanned maintenance by optimizing scheduled…

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Velenje Coal Mine - Real-time data streams prevent equipment failure

Based on data and information entered by the Velenje's engineers, the solution automatically performs routine and preventive maintenance, including the logistics of ordering spare parts to…

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Sandvik: Putting IoT to work for the manufacturing industry

See how Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, one of the world’s largest mining machine equipment manufacturers, is reinventing how their customers analyze, learn and communicate through their…

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Accelerating geological exploration with IBM Watson

IBM Watson and Goldcorp are accelerating geological exploration and enabling geologists to spend more time analyzing their data.

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