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Mercedes-Benz Stadium- Architecture infused with IT to deliver the ultimate fan experience.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium- Architecture infused with IT to deliver the ultimate fan experience.

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Aspera FOX Sports Client Story Video

How FOX Sports revolutionized the production of the 2018 World Cup. FOX Sports discusses their challenge of moving large amounts of media quickly and effectively during their live broadcast of the…

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True Tickets: Ensuring ticket traceability and authenticity with blockchain

True Tickets is working with Chateaux Software Development Inc., an IBM Blockchain partner, to build a ticketing system on the IBM Blockchain Platform, powered by Hyperledger Fabric. The ticketing…

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Globo TV scored huge audiences during the 2014 FIFA World Cup by teaming up with IBM Analytics.

Using a social sentiment analysis solution from IBM, Globo showed viewers what people were talking about during each 2014 FIFA World Cup match in real time, enabling the company to tailor its…

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AMC Networks - predicts audience preferences with IBM Analytics

AMC Networks is using IBM analytics to understand viewing patterns across traditional and digital channels, making smarter scheduling and marketing decisions, and win new viewers and advertisers.

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IBM Cloud for Digital Media

Produce manage and distribute personalized digital content at a global scale. Explore the possibilities with IBM Cloud for Media and Entertainment. For more information please visit:…

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NBCUniversal scales DevOps across a large multi-speed IT enterprise

Using IBM UrbanCode Build and IBM UrbanCode Deploy software, NBCUniversal rolls out DevOps across the enterprise, speeding application development and deployment and creating a build-as-a-service…

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IRIS.TV builds a machine learning video platform that matches relevant content with viewers

IRIS.TV collaborates with IBM Watson to create a B2B service to help companies track the interaction its customers have with their content and match relevant content to viewers. Stay in Touch:…

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