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IBM Maximo 設備保全管理のデモ  

高度な分析とAIを使用して、パフォーマンスを最適化し、資産ライフサイクルを拡張し、設備・機器の停止時間と運用コストを削減することで、価値の高い設備・機器を運用および保全します。設備データをAIによって分析して洞察を提供し、企業がより的確な意思決定を行い、効率を高め、予防保守を実行し、物理資産への投資最大化を支援します。IBM …

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IBM Maximo Safety, part of Watson Works

Discover how IBM Maximo Safety can protect the health and safety of your employees by helping you can mitigate workplace safety risks, optimize employee efficiency and availability, and minimize…

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IBM Maximo Mobile demo

IBM Maximo Mobile, as part of the Maximo Application Suite, is a next-generation native mobile application platform that integrates capabilities directly from IBM Maximo’s Asset Management…

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Watson Works, with IBM TRIRIGA & IBM Maximo Worker Safety

Bring employees back to workplace and ensure they stay healthy IBM TRIRIGA and IBM Maximo Safety, part of the Watson Works application suite, can help you deliver an environment focused on…

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Digital Innovation and Transformation: Seven safe bets to mess up

Digital Innovation and Transformation: Seven safe bets to mess up

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IBM Maximo Visual Inspection

See how an AI-powered computer vision solution can improve quality inspection, making it easy for subject matter experts to label, train, and deploy deep learning vision models without coding or deep…

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Novate Solutions customer story

Novate Solutions share their experience on leveraging the AI in Maximo Monitor to develop a revolutionary approach to help their own clients improve process reliability. Schedule a consultation.

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珠海同海公司是IBM Maximo产品合作伙伴ꂜ年专注能源行业,结合MAXIMO产品体系打造的可视化智慧电厂系统,具有可视化媒介性、大数据集成性、物联监控实时性、管理场景化等特点,用户可通过搭积木方式将传统的各类系统进行整合实施,完成智慧型电厂建设。

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IBM LinuxONE: Máximo Valor

En esta sesión de LinuxONE profundizaremos sobre los costos que puede tener para una empresa una infraestructura IT poco eficiente, analizando cómo al reducir el número de…

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Organisez des opérations métier résilientes pour le secteur de la chimie et du pétrole

Le monde entier dépend des entreprises du secteur de la chimie et du pétrole, qui doivent donc être fiables. IBM les aide à devenir également plus…

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IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Demo

See how IBM Maximo can help your organization operate high-value physical assets with visibility and control across the enterprise to optimize performance, extend asset life cycles, and reduce…

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Build resilient business operations for chemical and petroleum operations

The world depends on chemical and petroleum companies to be reliable. IBM is helping them become more resilient, too, using AI that can more effectively manage global disruptions, fluctuating demand,…

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IBM Maximo for Civil Infrastructure with Sund & Baelt

Sund & Baelt — which owns and operates some of the largest infrastructures in the world — is assisting IBM's development of an AI-powered IoT solution designed to help prolong…

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Build resilient business operations for E&U operations

For utility companies it takes much more than a flip of a switch to deliver the services integral to people’s lives, it takes reliability. IBM helps utility companies predict and mitigate risk,…

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Bell Textron: Adopting predictive maintenance for military and commercial rotorcraft

Bell Textron Inc.—a storied innovator in helicopters and a pioneer in tiltrotor, vertical lift aircraft for both military and commercial use—works with IBM to apply AI in its aircraft…

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IBM Maximo APM Health - Do you know what your assets are saying?(日本語字幕入り)

IBM's asset health insights solution helps you understand what your assets are saying using IoT sensors, historical data, and other data points, to optimize maintenance costs and increase uptime.

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