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Cognition Foundry and IBM LinuxONE: Giving startups access to enterprise IT

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Breakthrough security protects your enterprise blockchain data on the IBM Blockchain Platform

Security matters for enterprise blockchains. See how the IBM Blockchain Platform using IBM Secure Service Containers and running on the IBM LinuxONE systems creates the world’s most secure…

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Sensitive data streaming scurity offered by IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services, built on IBM LinuxOne

Solitaire Interglobal Limited provides complex analytic tools for its clients in a secure environment using IBM Cloud, Hyper Protect Services, built on IBM LinuxOne.

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DACS and IBM LinuxONE™ | When innovation meets digital assets

Client walk-and-talk interview video. Filmed at THINK.

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Phoenix Systems and IBM LinuxONE™ | When innovation meets big data

Client sit-down and in situ walk-and-talk interview video. Filmed in and arouind the Phoenix Systems offices in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Power your modern infrastructure with IBM Z and LinuxONE

Discover what’s new for IBM Z: Discover what’s new for LinuxONE:

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Cognition Foundry: Helping startups tackle big challenges

Cognition Foundry specializes in using the latest technology to help startups—particularly those with a strong focus on social impact—change the world. When startup Plastic Bank had the…

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Plastic Bank: Enabling plastic recycling and financial inclusion with IBM Blockchain

Eighty percent of ocean plastic starts on land in developing countries. Plastic Bank's solution to stop ocean plastic also focuses on alleviating poverty by making plastic waste a currency.…

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Meet IBM LinuxONE™

Every so often, you have a product that just makes sense. It solves problems you thought were unsolvable, it answers questions you have been worried to ask yourself. Meet IBM LinuxONE -- the only…

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INBLOCK: Improving cryptocurrency security with Blockchain and LinuxONE

INBLOCK was established to issue and efficiently operate the cryptocurrency Metacoin, which is based on Hyperledger fabric. INBLOCK's aim is to overcome cryptocurrency technical deficiencies,…

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How Plastic Bank uses blockchain on LinuxONE to alleviate poverty

To learn more about LinuxONE: Cognition Foundry and The Plastic Bank are developing a Blockchain implementation on LinuxONE to manage financial transactions that…

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Innovation with a secure, open and connected platform _ IBM LinuxONE™

Sit down with Barry Baker, VP of Offering Management for IBM Z and LinuxONE, and guest speaker, Forrester Analyst Chris Gardner as they discuss why CIOs and CTOs are seeking new ways to operate and…

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Temenos and IBM LinuxONE partnership – A real success

Learn more about how Temenos benefit after partnering with IBM LinuxONE

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IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services Webast Security-rich Cloud Key Management on IBM LinuxOne

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What if one platform could do it all?

What if one platform could do it all? IBM LinuxONE is the open-source platform you need to rise above the competition faster than you ever imagined.

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은행에 최적화한 빅아이디어를 위한 플랫폼.

IBM LinuxONE은 은행에 최적화된 플랫폼으로 고객의 요구에 적응하고 대응하며 보안 문제를 해결하고 사업이 성장하도록 도울 수 있습니다.

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