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eConsent/eCOA Animated Demo for IBM Clinical Development

This is a chosen asset that serves as an animated, metaphorical snapshot of the value and benefits of using ICD's eConsent/eCOA modules. It will drive the viewer to our ICD product page where…

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WHLS IBM Study Advance Webinar

Finding the right patients for a clinical trial is important to ensure study completion. That’s why building a solid protocol using patient insights and real-world data to make informed…

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IBM MarketScan Treatment Pathways with European Data Access overview video

For life sciences organizations developing treatments for European patients, insights from longitudinal European real-world data can help support go-to-market strategies. IBM MarketScan Treatment…

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ICD Animated Video - Data Integration

Video is built to tell the story of how our data integration module within IBM Clinical Development is built to accelerate clinical trials by improving data quality and reducing the time spent of…

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Medical Coding with Watson

This animated demo serves the purpose to show viewers the value of using this IBM Clinical Development module as it relates to medical coding. The goal is to show what makes it different from other…

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ICD Animated Demo - Reporting and Analytics

Analytics and allows users to create custom reports at any time during the lifecycle of your study. This allows you to monitor and share fresh data that’s most relevant to your team.Type…

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LS Journey Videos

This video frames the challenges and pain points that our audience faces as it relates to taking on tasks that fall outside their area of expertise. It will talk about the value of working with IBM…

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Clarify Health: The Future of Patient Care Guidance

How you can help perceive how a patient is going to respond to care? Learn about the Clarify Heath platform and predictive analytics.

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