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Innocens BV uses predictive AI to protect the most vulnerable newborns.

A healthcare startup reduces the time required to identify infants at risk of developing sepsis by up to several hours—enabling earlier and more successful intervention—when it working…

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CSTA presents: IBM Summer Skills Build Challenge

Whether you're running summer programs or taking some much deserved time off, IBM has created a STEM focused summer challenge that provides content for your students that requires no planning or…

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Be a hero, operationalize machine learning within transactional applications to fight fraud

Learn how IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS can deploy predictive models in transactional applications for real-time insight.

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An AI advisor helps geoscientists unlock the value of exploration data

An integrated energy company in Portugal accelerates creation of accurate subsurface models, optimizes placement of new wells and reduces exploration risk when it engages IBM Research – Brazil…

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Regions Bank: A methodology to develop high quality and trusted AI

A regional US bank accelerates time to value from advanced analytics, improves data quality and produces high quality and trusted AI solutions when it collaborates with IBM Data and AI Expert Labs…

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Introducing Learning Paths and Collections

Sometimes searching for learning can provide too many results! IBM Training is introducing Learning Paths and Collections to make it easier for you to find and learn just what you need.

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IBM SkillsBuild | Launching Your Next Career

Launch your next career with IBM SkillsBuild

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What teachers are saying about IBM SkillsBuild

Between the new realities of virtual and hybrid learning, helping students navigate future uncertainty, and continuously being asked to do more with less, teachers are juggling a lot these days. IBM…

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AI advisor helps exploration geologists make better, faster predictions

A natural gas and crude oil company in Germany accelerates discovery of insights from unstructured geologic data and reduces uncertainties in early exploration decision-making when it engages IBM to…

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Skill Up with IBM: Help your students get a job!

For five weeks, we’ll be offering short, 20-minute sessions hosted by subject matter experts from IBM, designed to help you get your students prepared for the working world. You’ll…

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Db2 ML Complete Masterclass

Db2 Machine Learning Masterclass

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Skill Up with IBM: Get the job you want

From picking your career path to nailing your interview, to harnessing the power of mindfulness, this “skill up” will help you build a strong foundation for job searching. Plus, if you…

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Free Tech and Professional Skills Anytime, Anywhere with Open P-TECH

Start learning today and get the tech skills for the jobs of tomorrow with Open P-TECH - a free digital learning platform designed for students and teachers! Learn more on

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Join data sets in AutoAI to create a regression model: Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

This video shows you how to join several data sources related to a fictional outdoor store named Go, then build an experiment that uses the data to train a machine learning experiment. The resulting…

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