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Anyline: Teaching smart devices how to read

Daniel Albertini, CTO of Austrian startup Anyline, talks about how IBM Watson Machine Learning has helped train and deploy deep learning models for his offline OCR (Optical Character Readers) on…

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X Marks the Spot -Finding the Business Treasures in your Applications Webcast

Learn more about static code analysis, data analytics, and machine learning as possible techniques to expedite discovery of business terms and business rules.

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IBM Watson Machine Learning Accelerator产品简介

IBM Watson Machine Learning Accelerator 让深度学习模型开发触手可及。产品中预置当前流行的开源深度学习框架、高效AI开发工具并且由IBM® Power Systems™提供硬件加速。凭借全面优化和支持的AI平台,现在您就可以部署高性能、高可靠和高弹性的AI应用。IBM Watson Machine Learning…

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The Journey to AI: Keeping London's Cycle Hire Scheme on the Move

They zip through traffic. They create zero carbon emissions. And users expect them to be both available and reliable 24/7. Bike-sharing is increasingly becoming a favorite and environmental-friendly…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data( IBM Cloud Private for Data)的快速产品介绍

参考资源:【IBM Cloud Pak for Data 简介】

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An introduction to IBM Watson Machine Learning Accelerator

Watson Machine Learning Accelerator makes deep learning and machine learning more accessible to your staff, and brings the benefits of AI into your business. It combines popular open source…

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Machine Learning and the Mainframe

Quickly create, deploy and manage high quality self-learning behavioral models to extract hidden value from enterprise data securely, in place and in real time.

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IBM Watson Machine Learning: Run a sample AutoAI experiment

This video shows you how to run an AutoAI experiment based on a sample, and create a Watson Machine Learning Model in Watson Studio. Find more videos in the IBM Watson Data and AI Learning Center at…

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IBM Watson Machine Learning: Build a Binary Classification model using an AutoAI Experiment

This video follows the AutoAI tutorial in the Watson Studio documentation to create an AutoAI experiment to train several pipelines using different estimators, and then save, deploy, and test a…

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IBM Watson Machine Learning: Score a Predictive Model Built with IBM SPSS Modeler

Watch this video to see how to use Watson Machine Learning and IBM Watson Studio to create a data flow using IBM SPSS Modeler to predict chronic kidney disease. Find more videos in the IBM Watson…

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IBM Z | Transform data into insights with machine learning

Every customer transaction provides priceless information to help optimize future customer experiences. Machine learning on z14 helps make sense of that data in real-time, empowering better and…

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IBM POWER9: Let’s Put Smart to Work

With built-in PowerVM virtualization, next-generation IBM POWER9-based Power Systems servers are cloud-ready, enabling you to deploy the right cloud environment to meet your organization’s…

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Машинное обучение: теория и практическое применение. Инфраструктура для ИИ от IBM

Во время вебинара на реальных примерах разбираются основные задачи, решаемые с помощью машинного обучения; рассказываем основные методы машинного обучения и их особенности, тренды разработки ИИ. …

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Analizando un caso real con DataScience y Machine Learning

Juan Pablo Braña, Científico de Datos, Matias Orrico, Analytics & Data Tech Sales, IBM Diego Sanchez, Científico de Datos, IBM

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Sandvik transforms mining asset management with IoT and analytics

Mining companies strive to maximize production, which requires functional equipment. A key to keeping equipment up and running is to minimize unplanned maintenance by optimizing scheduled…

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使用 Watson Machine Learning 创建实时的对象检测应用

参考资源:【使用 Watson Machine Learning 创建实时的对象检测应用】

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