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IBM Technology Support Services: We support your success

IBM Technology Support Services helps you reduce complexity, decrease support costs with expert, single source support for your multivendor IT environment. We can provide a high level of proactive…

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How IT support speeds transformation

Working with the right IT support provider, like IBM, can speed a company’s cloud initiatives. Here are three powerful ways.

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CIO Playbook: Real examples of integrating the data center and cloud

62% of IT leaders struggle to integrate the data center and cloud. Join us on this webcast about how the right IT support partner can address the top 6 challenges facing a hybrid cloud strategy.

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IBM Technology Support Services for Network Security

Your network availability is crucial even as IT support budgets are being cut. And, you have a lot invested in your IT network. Is it time to make your IT Support strategy work smarter for you? IBM…

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IBM Technical Support Appliance preview

IBM provides TSA—a technical support solution designed to streamline IT inventory discovery and optimize systems availability. Unlike many competitors, IBM can provide virtually unparalleled…

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Open Source Software can help you innovate faster

Discover the smart way to manage the increasing complexity of a commercial and community open source software ecosystem. Organizations are adopting enterprise IT solutions based on open source…

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CrushBank: Using machine learning to transform IT support

CrushBank partners with IBM to develop a cloud-based support application that uses the IBM Watson Rank and Retrieve service. This application enables the help desk personnel to quickly find the most…

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Virtual Assistant for Technical Support

The Virtual Assistant is one of IBM innovative technologies that helps improve customer experience. IBM Technology Support Services puts clients in the driver’s seat, enabling them to manage…

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