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Modernize and Secure Your Enterprise Applications

Enterprises today are faced with growing challenges as demand for better ways of working and engaging digitally increase. They must now develop new digital services that enable their customers to…

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Apollo Munich partners with IBM Services to lay foundation for a digital enterprise

IBM used transformative technologies that supported Apollo Munich Health Insurance's ever evolving business needs. IBM infused automation and cognitive tools at the data center layer and for the…

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Infraestrutura em momento de crise: qual o papel da gestão de dados?

Garanta proteção contra ameaças e permita a rápida recuperação quando incidentes cibernéticos acontecerem.

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Steadfast Resiliency in a Time of Global Disruption

As the digital landscape changes, businesses are rapidly developing new applications to deliver goods and services online, ensuring their IT infrastructure can continue to support important business…

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Navigating your digital transformation with IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services

To accelerate digital transformation, many companies are adopting new technologies like cloud and mobile, which result in a hybrid, enterprise IT infrastructure. However, without truly integrated…

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Leading through change and the critical role of infrastructure

Tom Rosamilia, SVP of IBM Systems and co-leader of IBM’s response team for COVID-19, offers his perspective on leading through change and the critical role of IT infrastructure in helping the…

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Christian Miemiec - Acquisition Infrastructures

IBM Executive IT Economics Consultant, Christian Miemiec, examines how to converge diverse IT infrastructures resulting from an acquisition and how to minimize IT costs.

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Open IT Up: Optimize your IT infrastructure with ease - Chinese Simplified

As organizations continue moving to the cloud, many of them are running into obstacles that are making the move difficult. It's important to have assistance, and that's why IBM Services…

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No Reboot Required! AIX 7.2.1 Live Update

Operating system updates are painful but now with AIX 7.2.1 Live Update, you don't have to stop your workload because it means no reboot required. Learn more:…

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Mainframe Innovations: Today and tomorrow

The mainframe continues to bring breakthrough technology to market with the most recent being pervasive encryption – the ability to encrypt 100% of the data with no application changes. Learn…

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Mainframe Innovations: Virtualization and the Cloud

One computer acting like thousands. The mainframe introduced virtualization which is the foundation of cloud technology today.

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Mainframe Innovations: Centralization and Real Time

Mainframes paved the way to centralized computing and real-time transaction processing that are essential to our economy today. Learn how these technology innovations impact your everyday life. Build…

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Mainframe Innovations

Meet the mainframe and its evolution through the decades. With a long history of firsts, learn about the many innovations that have driven business transformation from its introduction through today.…

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New Faces of IBM Z: Designing 100% Encryption

Meghan McGrath, IBM Pervasive Encryption Design Lead, shares how she helped bring 100% encryption to the IBM Z. Learn more:

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New Faces of IBM Z “Splunking” the mainframe

Watch Alex Stuart (Mainframe Graduate) with Experian describe how he “is splunking the mainframe.”

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How IBM Data Privacy Passports works on IBM z15

The IBM z15 enterprise platform introduces a new level of privacy protection and security enforcement through Data Privacy Passports.

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