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Transform your enterprise with IBM Services financed by IBM Global Financing

In a rapidly changing world, businesses are facing challenges to deploy and pay for innovative IT services. IBM Global Financing offers customized financing and payment options for IT services,…

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IBM Global Financing Risk Reward

IBM Global Financing is here to help you evaluate not just the project you're working on today, but your entire IT portfolio.

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Business Partner Winning Ideas... Making a difference with IBM Financing

Mike Thies, Manager IBM Software Practice, CDW talks about how IBM Global Financing helped build high added-value relationships with their customers. See how they use IBM Financing to engage CFOs and…

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Financing: A Strategic, Powerful Way to Acquire, Build and Scale Advanced IoT Solutions

Advanced cognitive IoT technologies offer transformative opportunities to reimagine the way organizations learn, decide, and act—improving virtually all aspects of every process. Financing can…

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PLM adopts cognitive solution while engaging IBM Global Financing

PLM creates innovative solutions, gets valuable information for physicians and saves years of data mining when they engage IBM to provide an integrated solution to collect medical information with…

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