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IBM Cloud & Karantis 360

Karantis 360 is an innovative health tech business using smart technologies to transform the care industry. Using IBM Cloud, Karantis 360 is combining the Internet of things (IoT), sensors,…

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Teaming with IBM to Enhance Eye Surgeons Workflow in the Operating Room with IoT Technology

Bausch + Lomb, a brand synonymous with eye care, has engaged IBM to digitally transform complex eye surgery with IBM Watson IoT and the IBM Cloud. The company’s Connected Surgical Experience…

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Three building blocks of the most successful IoT initiatives

We believe that there are three essential steps that differentiate the IoT initiatives that succeed from those that get shelved.

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: Mobilizing asset management to improve efficiency

Airport customers are demanding more flexibility, service and comfort. Achieving less delays can be attained with corrective and predictive maintenance, using Watson IoT, to identify and service…

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Richway: Using Watson IoT to improve water quality in China

Richway collaborates with IBM to build the first cloud-based IoT platform for China's water industry. The platform successfully creates greater visibility into the country's water resources…

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Mobile is better on the IBM Cloud

The pressure to deliver new mobile apps and services is increasing. You want to focus on delivering great apps not backend issues. Explore the latest Mobile services on the IBM Cloud to deliver…

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IoT made simple with IBM Watson IoT Platform

IBMs IoT Platform helps you build manage and quickly launch IoT applications whether you are a fast-moving startup or an enterprise. Get started at

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IBM Cloud: Banking Solution Overview

For more information on IBM Cloud for financial services visit: Learn how with IBM Cloud for financial services you can redefine customer relationships make more informed…

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Community interview - IoT lizards!

Thomas Banks from the WASdev team interviews Roberto and Diego - a father and son who have created an awesome IoT lizard enclosure! They can monitor and control lighting and humidity inside the…

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Matternet: Leveraging drone technology for transporting goods through the air

Matternet uses IBM Watson IoT platform to collect data and predict the best routes for its drone delivery service. "The cloud-based IoT platform can help consolidate data, learn patterns and…

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SIS counts on IBM to deliver the entire continuum of an IOT experience to its clients

SIS leverages its successful partnership with IBM to venture into the IoT space and has delivered successful use cases in their data center around hosted analytics specific to the IoT industry. This…

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Local Motors uses Cognitive solutions from IBM to customize driving experience for its users

Local Motors uses Watson IOT capabilities in its self driving car Olli and provides a human experience to its passengers. "Olli is an autonomous self-driving vehicle, it has no driver and no…

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