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How A Bulldog Trial Lawyer and a Brilliant Data Scientist Partnered with IBM Watson to Solve Law's Toughest Problem

By leveraging IBM's natural language processing and concept extraction algorithms, John Snyder and Mac Macartney, co-founders of Agnes Intelligence, have created an entirely new technique for…

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Mbanq embraces IBM Blockchain World Wire to transform cross-border payments and settlements

Mbanq, a digital banking SaaS platform provider, integrates IBM Blockchain Word Wire into its core. This helps banks, along with credit unions, remittance agencies, money changers and other financial…

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Interac: Transforming the payments landscape using IBM Blockchain

Interac partners with Alectra to develop a marketplace based on IBM Blockchain that would offer energy trading customers a flexible compensation plan. The marketplace provides a single, permanent…

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IBM and OpenPOWER Partner with Oak Ridge National Labs to Solve World's Toughest Challenges

See how researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory are working with IBM Power Systems and OpenPOWER experts to build the next High Performance Supercomputer, Summit, and how they are delivering a…

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How to Create a Flexible Foundation: Banking in the Cognitive Era

ABN Amro COO Johan van Hall is seeing a seismic digital shift in his industry. He covers a range of Global C-suite Study insights and discusses moving to agile cognitive banking uses startups &…

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Berlinale Uses Aspera

The Berlin International Film Festival uses Aspera for fast and efficient distribution of digital films.

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TM1 interoperability and contribution

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Run with interactivity in Cognos Analytics

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Netflix confidently chose IBM XIV for outstanding performance

Netflix supports approximately 300,000 sub-millisecond database transactions per minute with no unplanned downtime—offering a seamless, high-quality service to the business.

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Using IBM solutions to find & fix problems fast at CenterPoint Energy

Louay Rukich, Senior Systems Programmer for CenterPoint Energy, tells how IBM solutions allowed Centerpoint to isolate & fix a time-consuming error that had previously gone unresolved. Learn…

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Credito Valtellinese Bankadati uses IBM software to speed business process improvement 90%

Credito Valtellinese Bankadati is an IT service group for three retail banks with 540 branches and 4,300 employees in Italy. As it moves from a product centric to a customer centric model, the group…

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