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State Farm: Speed application and product development with test data management

Mark Moncelle, Architect Manager at State Farm, describes how test data management benefits a governed organization's data mining, application development, and product development processes in…

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Continuous Intelligence in the Insurance Industry

Cathy Reese, Senior Partner in IBM Advanced Analytics, speaks with RTInsights analyst Adrian Bowles on how continuous intelligence impacts the insurance industry and the benefits of having a flexible…

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Robotics Webcast

Adoption of automation in insurance operations is increasing at breakneck speed. See why in Robotics and the Cognitive Journey webinar.

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AI - Helping Solve the Big Challenge in Insurance Today

AI plays a key role helping insurers analyze vast quantities of data, assisting agents in providing timely and accurate advice.

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Establish digital trust for insurance

Learn how IBM Trusteer helps you establish a trusted digital relationship with users from the moment they open a new account.

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Transform mobile claims

See how rapidly processing claims builds trust.

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Write smarter commercial coverage

Learn how AI-driven insights help insurers.

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Provide small business group benefits with the IBM Insurance Platform

See small business deliver services that matter.

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Insurance Industry and IBM

Video for insurance event

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Fast Track to Blockchain and openIDL, Hosted by AAIS and IBM

openIDL is a blockchain network that is putting insurers on a fast track to unprecedented data collaboration and innovation.

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Game changer: Insurers reimagine workflows to transform experiences

New operational processes yield greater insight and efficiency; and a level of agility that can deliver innovative new experiences in response to changing markets.

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What Led MetLife to Build An Industry Platform

MetLife Insurance Platform

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Watson Studio Fraud Demo

This video introduces how to use IBM Watson Studio in a fraud prediction scenario. Processing insurance claims is expensive, time-consuming and risk intensive. Watch and see how to build a…

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Blockchain: Building Trust in Insurance

Thought leaders share their experiences on using blockchain to transform businesses, particularly regulatory reporting & proof of insurance.

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Seamless Customer Engagement and Service on an Insurance Platform

Email automation, billing chatbots & a weather alert system offered in a platform environment promotes customer satisfaction & engagement.

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Marsh: Transforming proof of insurance with blockchain

Construction companies hiring contractors and gig workers require them to submit proof of insurance before beginning work. However, obtaining and submitting this proof can take days and even weeks…

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