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Consumer Anthem Video

See how the most innovative companies are leveraging #IoT, #AI and #blockchain embedded in the supply chain, to enable trusted, seamless connections and transparency, from source to consumer. In…

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How to Better Anticipate Local Demand

How can you better anticipate local demand? How do you better deliver on customer expectations? By putting data to work.

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How to Adjust Quickly to Shake-ups in the Supply Chain_2.0

How can you more nimbly respond to shake-ups in the supply chain?

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Matalan GarageFINAL.mp4

Matalan garage, client video

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This Consumer Master Class features Alec Ross - Former State Department advisor to President Obama. The need to have a supply chain that is agile enough to deliver products to consumers where and…

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Honda Cars India improves customer connection and services with IoT and cloud

Honda Cars India knew it needed to sustain and evolve its business simultaneously through a deeper understanding of real customers’ needs, supported by a robust customer management platform. It…

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Mitsufuji and IBM: Real-time worker safety insights from AI and IoT

Mitsufuji Corporation transformed their business with IBM WatsonIoT to build an Internet of Things solution that captures, analyzes and tracks users’ heart rate, location and other…

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DATEV eG: Centrally managing 30 million IT events daily using IBM Netcool

DATEV eG provides software and IT services to tax consultants, lawyers, auditors, businesses and local governments across Germany. The organization uses IBM Netcool software, including IBM…

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Mehr Transparenz und weniger Unterbrechungen mit IBM Supply Chain Insights

IBM Supply Chain Insights kann Ihnen dabei helfen, Unterbrechungen mithilfe künstlicher Intelligenz zu vermeiden und die Gewissheit zu haben, künftig effektiver zu arbeiten.

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Using Watson Assistant to find unscheduled sales orders for a customer

By identifying these sales orders, you can prevent delays that might impact revenue and client satisfaction. Learn more about Watson Supply Chain solutions:

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IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights Product Overview

Drive visibility and manage disruption with IBM Sterling Supply Chain insights with Watson For you, every day is an exercise in overcoming obstacles, too many of which you never see coming. Get the…

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Lenovo looking to IBM Supply Chain Insights as their end-to-end platform

Not only does IBM Supply Chain Insights (SCI) provide visibility across the entire supply chain, but it has an analytics engine like Watson. Learn more about SCI:…

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Watson Supply Chain Summit

See how AI and Blockchain are reinventing the Supply Chain at the Watson Supply Chain Summit.

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Watson Supply Chain Insights - Transparent, Intelligent and Predictive

See how Watson Supply Chain Insights, leveraging the cognitive capabilities of Watson, can make your supply chain more transparent, intelligent and predictive. Find out how Watson Supply Chain…

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The Cognitive Advantage Taking Procurement to New Levels of Excellence

Powered by advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities, procurement’s role shifting from enabler to advisor will transform how procurement organizations use data to gain real-time visibility…

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