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IBM AI 기반의 Data Insight Platform 및 사례

본 세션에서는 AI를 사용하여 계획, 예산 편성, 예측을 자동화하고 보다 지능적인 워크플로우를 추진할 수 있는 IBM AI 기반의 데이터 인사이트 플랫폼을 소개 합니다. - IBM AI 기반 Data Insight Platform 소개 - 산업별 AI기반 Data Insight 유즈케이스 및 사례

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Return to the workplace with confidence

Explore solutions that help you ensure safety and regulatory standards for your on-site employees so you can quickly resume operations.

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IBM Maximo APM Health - Do you know what your assets are saying?(日本語字幕入り)

IBM's asset health insights solution helps you understand what your assets are saying using IoT sensors, historical data, and other data points, to optimize maintenance costs and increase uptime.

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IBM Cognos Analytics helps North York General Hospital understand community needs

Responding to pressure in the healthcare system to create local communities of care, North York General Hospital (NYGH) in Toronto is working with partners across primary care, long-term care, home…

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DATEV eG: Centrally managing 30 million IT events daily using IBM Netcool

DATEV eG provides software and IT services to tax consultants, lawyers, auditors, businesses and local governments across Germany. The organization uses IBM Netcool software, including IBM…

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Nextel: Bringing AIOps to network operations

A telecommunications provider in Brazil, Nextel runs a network that is growing in size and complexity every day. Using IBM Netcool Operations Insight software to monitor more than 25,000 network…

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IBM Netcool Operations Insight - Cognitive Capability Demo

Proactively avoid service impacting problems and isolate root cause using machine language algorithms that require no tuning or configuration.

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IBM Netcool Operations Insight - Mitigate Service Interruptions Using Runbook Automation Demo

Quickly identify and isolate problems with mission critical applications and leverage runback automation to restore to service.

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Clark County DSS_ Driving Better Client Outcomes With New Operational Insight and Control

Clark County DSS_ Driving Better Client Outcomes With New Operational Insight and Control

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Zions Bancorporation improves customer service with IBM master data management

After a series of mergers and acquisitions, Zions Bancorporation sought a standardized, highly secure way to store and access a comprehensive view of its customers’ interactions with the bank.…

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Stop Insurance Fraud with IBM Financial Crime Insight for Insurance

Deliver a holistic approach to counter-fraud Insurance operations by combining detection and investigation processes with cognitive analytics to lower fraud losses and operational costs, improve…

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Stop medical provider fraud with powerful cognitive analytics from IBM

Cognitive analytics, more effective provider risk scoring, and rich forensics found within IBM Financial Crimes Insights for Insurance helps insurers combat all fraud schemes. Learn more at …

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Open cognitive analytics for strong auto claims fraud detection and prevention

With IBM Financial Crimes Insight for Insurance, an insurer can improve the operational effectiveness of its fraud prevention program and drive impressive fraud savings. IBM leverages entity…

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自适应机器人的未来 — 预测

42_自适应机器人的未来 — 预测

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