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IBM Services Ring Light Sizzle

A sizzle video showcasing GBS client interviews filmed at Think 2019. The video focuses on identifying the current challenges that these business leaders are facing, and how IBM Services partners…

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Vivo Energy fuels future growth with SAP S/4HANA on IBM Power Systems

Vivo Energy is a leading fuel retailer in high-growth African markets. The company engaged IBM Services™ to implement SAP S/4HANA®, powered by IBM® Power Systems™ servers and IBM…

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IBM SAP Partnership -The value of SAP S4HANA

IBM and SAP talk about the value of SAP S/4HANA and the business outcomes achieved when moving to S/4HANA.

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IBM and SAP Partnership - Accelerated time to value for your move to SAP S/4HANA

IBM and SAP discuss how we can combine SAP Model Company with IBM IMPACT Solutions to accelerate time to value.

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Meet 'Mombo' of IBM Cloud

When Mombo first joined the IBM Cloud team, he arrived with the clothes on his back and his motorcycle. Now, he runs our Cloud Innovation Labs across North America, including Thunderdome which…

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A New Lease on Innovation

We are investing in innovation... but so my peers and competitors. The best way to fund innovation comes with the same for all of us. Have you tried leasing disruption instead of buying it? For more…

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Big Bets in Infrastructure Innovation

Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president for IBM Systems, and industry experts and leaders share their 'Big Bets' in infrastructure innovation. During this session, gain insights into…

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DHFL: Undergoes digital transformation using IBM solutions

DHFL drives innovation in customer experience by migrating its systems to a hybrid cloud model—a combination of on-premise systems and a private IBM Cloud environment. "Through IBM…

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GameStop Technology Institute

GameStop's Innovation Platform for Development Partners and Academic Research.

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高级分析技术助推 CMHC 的创新文化

GBS Assets 25_高级分析技术助推 CMHC 的创新文化

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Cognitive Accelerator for Oracle HCM; Oracle Watson Caliber solution

IBM helps businesses deploy cutting-edge HCM solution on Oracle cloud. Learn the key to hiring the best candidates in the cognitive era.

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Cognitive Direct to Consumer

IBM direct-to-consumer solution, built on Oracle cloud infrastructure for near real-time, 360-degree visibility.

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HM Health Solutions | Healthcare innovation with IBM Z

Healthcare dynamics are changing. But the need for trusted platforms to keep customer data secure hasn’t. Watch HM Health Solutions SVP of Information Technology Gary Dick discuss how IBM Z is…

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Techcombank trusts IBM LinuxONE as its IT foundation for business growth

Being a trailblazer matters in a frontier market like Vietnam - that's why Techcombank trusts IBM LinuxONE to support its rapid growth across its business and customer base. Watch the full story…

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