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IMI for Networking - Demo Video

A deep-dive into how IBM IMI for Networking resolves issues through a repeatable and automated process using analytics and experts to reduce issues and downtime.

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IMI for Network – Overview Video

An overview video on IMI for Networking, highlighting the challenges business are facing around network management and how IBM can help by using an integrated and scalable approach.

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Open IT Up: Optimize your IT infrastructure with ease - Chinese Simplified

As organizations continue moving to the cloud, many of them are running into obstacles that are making the move difficult. It's important to have assistance, and that's why IBM Services…

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Getting Your Data Infrastructure Ready for AI

Is your infrastructure ready for AI? Myths and the wrong infrastructure practices slow down the AI adaption process in analytics. The right path your business can follow in order to optimize your…

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Consume mainframe workloads with agility of cloud

IBM Cloud Managed Services for z Systems extends the mainframe to a scalable, security-rich cloud helping you easily adapt to changing business needs. To learn more about this cloud infrastructure…

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No Reboot Required! AIX 7.2.1 Live Update

Operating system updates are painful but now with AIX 7.2.1 Live Update, you don't have to stop your workload because it means no reboot required. Learn more:…

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Mainframe Innovations: Today and tomorrow

The mainframe continues to bring breakthrough technology to market with the most recent being pervasive encryption – the ability to encrypt 100% of the data with no application changes. Learn…

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Mainframe Innovations: Virtualization and the Cloud

One computer acting like thousands. The mainframe introduced virtualization which is the foundation of cloud technology today.

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Mainframe Innovations: Centralization and Real Time

Mainframes paved the way to centralized computing and real-time transaction processing that are essential to our economy today. Learn how these technology innovations impact your everyday life. Build…

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Mainframe Innovations

Meet the mainframe and its evolution through the decades. With a long history of firsts, learn about the many innovations that have driven business transformation from its introduction through today.…

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New Faces of IBM Z: Designing 100% Encryption

Meghan McGrath, IBM Pervasive Encryption Design Lead, shares how she helped bring 100% encryption to the IBM Z. Learn more:

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New Faces of IBM Z “Splunking” the mainframe

Watch Alex Stuart (Mainframe Graduate) with Experian describe how he “is splunking the mainframe.”

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