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IBM Wazi Developer DevOps Pipeline Workflow

This video shows the workflow of a developer using a pipeline, a capability provided by IBM Wazi Developer.

From  0600013G8D 0600013G8D on July 21st, 2021

GitLab and IBM Wazi Analyze

GitLab can be integrated with IBM Z DevOps solutions to cover various aspects of Mainframe application development. Among these zDevOps solutions, IBM® Wazi Analyze can be integrated in GitLab…

From  0600013G8D 0600013G8D on July 14th, 2021

IBM SAN b-type FICON Infrastructure - Migration Considerations 07132021

IBM Z customers are leveraging the z15 platform for their mission critical applications and need high-performance FICON infrastructure to meet their requirements for performance and security.Listen…

From  2700070HPT 2700070HPT on July 13th, 2021

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Node.js Product Overview

Node.js’s programming architecture promotes modular-based development and deployments that are aligned with modern microservices architecture and API economy; no more monolithic applications!…

From  55000AJF1R 55000AJF1R on July 12th, 2021

IBM Z 云化演示:稳坐核心 融入云中

IBM Z(主机)承载了最关键的核心业务,提供稳定性、安全性、扩展性和业务连续性。同时,结合云原生功能,它为企业在混合云中实现应用现代化提供了灵活性。本视频演示了 3 个 IBM Z 的云化支持能力场景:主机运维自动化,利用开源工具链体验主机敏捷开发 zDevOps,主机服务接入服务网格。 更多信息,访问 IBM Z…

From  310002MAWF 310002MAWF on July 6th, 2021

IBM Wazi Developer - Using the Sandbox

This video demonstrates how to use the IBM Wazi Developer Sandbox and is part of the 2021 Learning IBM Wazi Developer course.

From  0600013G8D 0600013G8D on June 28th, 2021

IBM Wazi Developer for VS Code - Editing with IBM Z Open Editor

IBM Z® Open Editor is an extension for VS Code that is available for free in the VS Code marketplace and has already been used and tested by over thirty thousand people. It supports COBOL, PL/I,…

From  0600013G8D 0600013G8D on June 28th, 2021

All Things IBM Z

IBM Z powers the startup community and keeps sensitive data safe. IBM Z is also an open platform meaning it has a longstanding connection to the open-source community and benefits from this…

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Return on Analytics and AI: The New Necessity - Tom Davenport

Listen to Tom Davenport, PhD, discuss the growing need to drive greater value from analytics and AI.

From  100000S3WV 100000S3WV on June 18th, 2021

Analytics and transactions together with Db2 Analytics Accelerator

Learn how IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator brings transactions and analytics together to exploit IBM Z data in-place for improved efficiency, smarter outcomes and competitive differentiation

From  100000S3WV 100000S3WV on June 18th, 2021

IBMZ Tech Skills Workshop with Geek Girls Careers

Blockchain Essentials, Creativity, and Innovation session by Aaron Ralls, Chief Technical Penguin at IBM and Melissa Sassi, Chief Penguin of IBM Z.

From  550003QQF8 550003QQF8 on June 17th, 2021

Ansible & UCD: Better Together for IBM Z

UrbanCode and Ansible – Better Together for IBM Z This video focuses on how this is true for IBM Z, not just for distributed systems. Join our group of experts to learn how UrbanCode and…

From  50CSTWKNQV 50CSTWKNQV on June 16th, 2021

z/OS Connect EE Deployment Planning Workshops

How to speed-up z/OS Connect EE adoption in your company with the deployment planning workshops. Aymeric & Eric tell you how you can leverage IBM Systems Lab Services assets & skills to…

From  1200007VU3 1200007VU3 on June 15th, 2021

Suman Gopinath - Automated Testing on Z

IBM Z has been the platform of choice for enterprise business applications for many years. The applications themselves have evolved in complexity. In this video IBM Chief Architect Suman Gopinath…

From  1200007VU3 1200007VU3 on June 14th, 2021

[Career Talk] Seven Super Secrets to Debugging on IBM Z

In this session, the speaker will guide you through techniques learned by experience in the field to help you become better at debugging on z/OS. This discussion is applicable to all skill levels. …

From  550003QQF8 550003QQF8 on June 11th, 2021